Cornflowers - flowers as drops sky

scientific name of this amazing plant Kentaurion has Greek roots.I named it in honor of the well-known myth being the centaur Chiron, who was involved in the doctoring, collecting medicinal herbs, including cornflowers.

cornflowers.Flowers.General description

However, there is another Latin version, according to which the word «centaurea» (tsentaureya) can be translated into Russian as "hundreds of yellow flowers."Although in our latitudes we are more accustomed to the blue, the color of cornflowers, it turns out, is also yellow, white, purple and even pink.

Depending on the region of our country, these plants are often called also Zvonova grass Voloshko, sinetsvetkoy, bobylnikom or commotion.

is generally known a little less than 500 species of flora.Many of them are unpretentious to the climate and grow in America, North Africa, Asia and, of course, in Europe.For stems characteristic supine and erect form, but the height can vary within a substantial, in some species reaching a level of 120


cornflowers.Flowers.Features collection These plants have a number of seasonal features.For example, it is impossible not to mention the fact that the basal leaves have preserved green throughout the year.With what it is connected?The fact is that this type of perennial grass regrowth observed two types of leaves: spring lasting until mid-August, and autumn, which lasts until spring.These flora may well be attributed to the decorative, as they can decorate flower gardens throughout the season.

Photo cornflowers, of course, is best done in the flowering period, which lasts long enough for 40-45 days.But from August to September is observed fruiting stage, decorative greatly reduced, and therefore recommend that gardeners to cut all the shoots, leaving only those that will be necessary to collect seeds.

cornflowers.Flowers.Traditional medicine and traditions

Recently, more and more people around the world turn to witch doctors, preferring to treat certain ailments ancient means - herbs.And this is not surprising, because it is medicinal plants several centuries ago saved the lives of our ancestors.It turns out that cornflowers - flowers are not very common.According to legends, those who use them for food, will never threaten any headache or a cold.Your kids or you yourself are suffering from the common cold?Try your nose drip infusion of these herbs.

Few people know that about two centuries ago, one of the most precious gifts that guy could present to his girlfriend, was considered a bunch of cornflowers.These modest, but at the same time very fascinating plants, considered a symbol of purity, innocence and nascent true love.

cornflowers.Flowers. it possible to grow in the garden? Gardeners professionals in one voice say that it is not only possible to do, but necessary.After all, without the hassle, this plant can become a real decoration of the courtyard or the infield.All colors, perhaps with the exception of soft cornflower, considered to be very light-requiring, that will grow poorly in any even slightly dark place, so plant them in the ground must be in the sun, and so that the sun's rays illuminate them as evenly as possible.Bush should not cover each other, and the distance between them does not exceed 50 cm.

should pay attention to the fact that if you put those flowers in the background, you can achieve a beautiful and dense silvery leaves plenty of harboring site.However, in this case, the flowering will not occur.Cornflowers can be classified as cold-resistant and, therefore, its colors may delight gardeners not only the summer, but also until late autumn.