Why and when in bloom sea in Anapa, and whether it can prevent the rest?

traditionally accepted that the beach vacation is ideal vacation.We could not agree and certainly not ignore the so familiar to virtually all residents of the former Soviet Union resort areas like the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and, of course, Anapa - its a real gem.

Located on the border of the Caucasus mountain range and the Taman peninsula, Anapa traditionally is the largest children's and family resort in Russia.At the edge of this wonderful blend dry wind Taman steppes and warm humid sea air.The local landscape is very diverse: it is plain with salt lakes, estuaries and fluxes, and covered with thick forests low sloping mountains.And, of course, the sea!Pebble and broad velvety sandy beaches, stretching over 40 km, with a well-warmed water, tender southern sun (a year is usually about 280 sunny days).That's because in Anapa swimming season begins in May and lasts until the October already!

Sea near this resort city, probably one of the cleanest in the whole Black Sea coast.Nevertheless, a

ll coming to this wonderful city are interested in one question: "When the bloom sea in Anapa?".

clear answer to this question is difficult, because each year it is different.Usually flowering begins in mid-June and lasts until mid-August.Although it happens, it happens in August and September.When the blooms sea in Anapa, outwardly resembles a water jelly seaweed.

Why Anapa blooms sea?The reason is the water temperature.Flowering occurs when the water warms up to 24-26 degrees, and begins where the depth is less than, but weak for not cope with natural cleaning.

Anapa Water temperature depends on the season and cyclones (northern or southern).If the weather is determined by northern winds - the sea water is clean, quiet and cool.If the wind is from the south - the water is warm, but cloudy.

Incidentally, when the blooms sea in Anapa, swimming is not harmful, but rather the opposite.Algae have healing properties, but because there are even those who enthusiastically plaster them over.Since it is not to the liking of all such "therapy" in the vicinity of Anapa it is not only shallow sandy but pebble beaches, starting near the High Coast and walking in the direction of Utrish and Novorossiysk.The depth here is quite large, and the sea is very clean.Some tourists specially selected to relax these areas, and not necessarily at the time when the bloom sea.Fans also soak up the sun and build sandcastles pay attention to the sandy beaches or Dzhemete Vityazevo.By the way, these places are a paradise for surfers.

traditionally considered children's resort city of Anapa vigorously developing.Construction of new hotels, increasing the level of service.Almost everywhere there are caf├ęs, restaurants, dining rooms, a pizzeria offering a wide choice of Caucasian and Kuban national dishes and famous wines of Anapa.In addition, there are activities for families with children, the largest of which - an outdoor water park and amusement park.

Besides solar and air baths, even in the period when flowering sea in Anapa can improve their health by resorting to the treatment of mineral waters and mud in numerous spas and enjoy the beauty of the local countryside, which is very diverse.