Aporia Crataegi - butterfly is white with black veins

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White butterflies that appear in the spring in our gardens, vegetable gardens and parks - is Nymphalidae family whiteflies.They are not only harmless charmer, but vreditelnitsy fruit and vegetable crops such as cabbage, green-veined white, Pieris rapae.Aporia Crataegi - white butterfly with black streaks on the wings, also belongs to the genus whiteflies.The scope of its wings up to 70 millimeters, and the size of the butterfly is more than 3 centimeters.The area of ​​distribution of the representatives of the order Lepidoptera - Eurasia and North Africa.


butterfly, white with black streaks, so impressive in its color, that is remembered from childhood.She settles in meadows, gardens, very often it can be found on the waterfront.It appears this butterfly in early May and moves not alone, and in droves, creating surprising beauty of the spectacle.Sama butterfly feeds on flower nectar.But the caterpillars that hatch from the numerous (over the summer, this figure comes to 500 pieces) eggs laid by the female butterfly bring irreparable harm.The most severely damaged of fruit trees such as apple, pear, hawthorn (hence the name butterfly) and buckthorn.Caterpillars devour not only the buds, depriving future plant foliage, but the flowers and buds of the future.Thus, the butterfly is white with black veins is the reason for the low yield of fruit crops.

After the period of nutrition and growth (about two weeks after flowering gardens) caterpillars crawl on branches and fences, gradually releasing the web and pupate.Aporia Crataegi pupa (green or yellow with black spots) ripens 2 weeks, after which it comes from a young Butterfly.In total over the summer hatch only one generation Aporia Crataegi.

legend of the bloody rain

Aporia Crataegi - butterfly is white with black veins on the wings - a heroine of legends associated with frightening bloody rains.These rains were considered harbingers of tragedy and very frightened uneducated peasants.Later, however, scientists have discovered the cause.It turned out that at the time of conversion of the pupa to imago hawthorn it emits a small amount of reddish liquid.If these pupae were quite a large number, during the summer rain liquid, mixing with rain drops, it was a rather frightening sight - rain turned into blood.

Another white wrecker

Another Butterfly is a pest of fruit trees - an American white butterfly.It is a little larger Aporia Crataegi, its wings are white with black and brown spots.Unlike Aporia Crataegi, it is a member of the genus bears.


From pests of fruit trees and bushes is necessary to fight, to destroy them using a variety of insecticides.To do this, before the flowering of the plants are sprayed with unblown bud.In addition, during the season it is necessary to destroy all the spider nest in the fall to remove all of the trees curled leaves, which can hide the pupa.The collected nests and leaves must be burned.