Samburu - plant breeding miracle

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We all know from childhood wild plants in Russia, are often used in folk medicine.This chamomile, mint, marjoram, willow-herb, yarrow, and many others.Included in the number of medical cultures and black nightshade growing in the European part of our country.But we are not talking about him, and about his immediate family, finding breeding American amateur-breeder Luther Burbank, the famous and revered in Russia and nicknamed "California magician."In the early 20th century, after years of work on breeding new varieties of berries he introduced worldwide plant Sunberry (Samburu) with unique healing properties.Sunberry (translated to English - solar berry) was derived by crossing the African nightshade (who gave a new kind of large fruit) and European creeping nightshade, has provided a legacy of its taste.


Samburu - a plant that stretches to a height of one and a half meters and has a powerful stem off of it with numerous branches.During ripening, it is completely strewn with large black berries the size of a cherry, are collected in the corolla of 10-15 pieces.The yield is so high that only one bush can collect a bucket of berries Samburu.Plant lodging resistance, so the spectacle full of fruits branches is very impressive, and the beauty of this is held up to the late autumn - while there is a flowering and fruit ripening.If about a month before the onset of cold weather to deliver by pinching off buds from the plant, the remaining berries will be larger and will have time to mature to frost.Samburu - an annual plant that requires annual landings.For this purpose are selected from the largest berries of multiple brushes.If you follow these agro-technical tricks, it is possible to improve the stability and fruitfulness of the plant.

Use and medicinal properties

The berries Sunberry prepare jam, they are used as a filling for baking cakes: despite the fact that the taste of fresh berries is quite unusual (it's still a plant of the family Solanaceae), in billets, he expanded andsurprise any gourmet.But the most important is the fact that Samburu - a plant with amazing healing properties.As the drugs used extracts from the leaves and berries, teas, extracts from the leaves, stems and buds.Sunbury used for the treatment of seborrhea, eczema and psoriasis, BPH, epilepsy.Funds from this plant normalize blood pressure, treat migraine pain, rheumatism, gout, asthma, varicose veins and even hepatitis and stomach ulcers.It is used for memory improvement and recovery of visual acuity.Zasushivat leaves of the plant, which allows their use for the production of therapeutic agents for the year.

in Russia Samburu still little known, but every year more and more conquers the hearts of Russians using deserved popularity because of its superb quality.