Derbent - the oldest city in Russia

fact that the Russian Federation is the oldest city of Derbent, Dagestan, is not in doubt, as evidenced by the facts, however, disputes arise due to the fact that some scientists are not willing to consider the city as a Russian.After all, in those days, when it was founded, there was neither Russia, nor even the Russian Empire.However, UNESCO concluded that Dagestan Derbent - the most ancient city of Russia.In 2012 this was confirmed not only Russians, but also representatives of other countries, when an all-Russian program "Trees - living monuments of nature" Derbent sycamores were recognized monuments of nature and taken under protection.Scientists estimate that their age is several centuries.

ancient history Derbanda

most ancient city of Russia - Derbent, was founded many years before the birth of Christ.The first settlements in the area were more than 2,600 years ago.The ancient Greek historian and geographer Hecataeus of Miletus is the place nicknamed the Caspian Gates.The oldest city in Rus

sia in Persian called Derband - the narrow gate, because it has the appropriate mountain pass (Dagestan corridor) between the Caucasus foothills on the western shore of the Caspian Sea.Derbent in antiquity lay on the Silk Road was an important strategic object.Because he conducted many battles and battles.Today in Derbent, the ruins of the ancient city.The museum-reserve includes a complex of stone buildings of the 6th century.BC.e., the simplest water system, bath, Persian fortress Naryn-Kala, and the length of the fortress wall is over 40 km.The museum also houses the Juma Mosque - the oldest Muslim shrines on the territory of not only Russia but also the CIS.That is why UNESCO believes that the place which in the past was called Derband - this is the most ancient city of Russia, after Dagestan - an administrative unit of the Russian Federation.Consequently, the city rspolagaetsya in Russia and a Russian.

historical value of Derbent

Despite all this city is not a major tourist destination.Although it is hoped that after the international organization has recognized its historical value, the flow of tourists from all over Russia and the world flock to the most ancient city of Russia - Derbent.

For centuries Derbent developed art, science and craft.Historical Museum of the city contains many preserved household items and works of art owned by local craftsmen.Sami stone buildings with interesting architecture, solid walls that could withstand the onslaught of the enemy hordes, talk about the power of the city.

most ancient Russian cities

other ancient cities in Russia are Veliky Novgorod, Moore, Uglich, Rostov Veliky, Belozersk and others.

course, Veliky Novgorod is a native Russian city, but compared to Derbenthe was very young.His Novgorod chronology begins with 859 years, long before the Rus was baptized.Of course, that was originally in the city did not have churches with golden domes, which is so proud of modern Novgorod.After Prince Vladimir baptized the Russian people, in Novgorod it was built 13-domed wooden church of St. Wisdom.Later, the city became the spiritual center of the whole of Russia.Many analysts believe that the most ancient city of Russia - not Derbent, namely Veliky Novgorod - one of the most ancient Russian and in Russia.