Proper design of the course work, the recommendations

All students will sooner or later become familiar with writing a term paper.Currently in training activities it is important because it is one of the stages of preparation of the graduation project.First of all - it is a practical and research, here students can not only apply their knowledge but also to enable any creative elements, depending on the subject of the project.However, it is equally important and the very design of the course work, however, this process is more technical.If you do not follow the standard requirements that are imposed, the teacher can not even take the work on the assessment.

Firstly, it should be noted that this work consists of several structural elements that are stitched together in a particular sequence.Compulsory first is the title page, the numbering of which is missing, but is taken into account in the further affix the pages.

volume of research is determined by the educational institution and the profile of the department and may be slightly different.This does not include applications and bibliographies, which took to write.Registration of foreign exchange is done on the computer and displayed on sheets of white paper (on one side only).It requires a font Times New Roman, pins which is 14 points in the main text, and 12 - footnotes.Transfers need to deliver automatic, all text and format references "in width."

Rules for course recommend the introduction, bibliography, conclusion, a new chapter begins on a new page.Numbering is carried out, starting from the third sheet after the title and content of the work.The rooms should be located in the lower right corner.Headers made bold (size same as that of the main text), placed in the middle.After these points should not be.It also prohibits any transfers, that is a word at the end of the line should be left entirely.

If the work is, tables, charts or drawings, the design of the course is as follows.If they are small in size, are left in the text, if a page in the submitted application.Scheme and drawing signed lower center, table - top left, a dash prescribing her number.If she borrowed from elsewhere, it is a footnote, stating reference to the original.

equations and formulas from the text isolated in a separate line.Above and below must have at least a single space.It does not fit on one line of the transport equation in the mathematical sign (+, =, -, and so on. D.), Which is repeated twice (at the end of the first and beginning of the second).

Design course provides the correct spelling of a list of sources used.This listing of the books, documents, Web sites that have been scanned for writing research.There must be present from the 30 names that put in alphabetical order.In addition, the list must be written as follows.First point regulations or other documents, which were taken to work.Then, prescribed textbooks and monographs.After them come the thesis and periodicals.At least indicated foreign literature used electronic resources.This indicates a fully author (compiler), title, publisher, year of issue.

material that complements the text is placed in the appendices.This table may be a large format graphic material, any calculations both.They are necessary only when the content of complementary studies have reference or recommendation.

Thus, registration of foreign exchange - not least the matter than the actual writing it.Make it pretty easy, if you follow all of the recommendations.