How to build a porch to the house with his own hands: tips

What veranda?This is part of a country house that performs many functions.Firstly, it helps to solve the question of the organization of space, which is important for small buildings.And secondly, in an annex can be fitted with additional rooms, which seat in the house was not, for example, greenhouse, summer kitchen, lounge and library.The atmosphere of this room is the best promotes relaxation and recreation man, here it can feel alone, while feeling the protection of native walls.But how to build a porch?The house with your own hands, you can create additional brick or wooden structure, and this is not so difficult as it seems at first glance.Moreover, experts recommend to construct the veranda of the same construction material from which erected the house itself.

In addition, extension to the house should be the foundation of the same depth as the main building.So she settles and mowing, and will last a long time.Also, properly executed laying ensure a stable fixation of new construction to the walls of the house.

Reflecting on how to build a porch to the house with your own hands, you should consider another professional advice.They recommend making a roof extension flatter than the main roof, and preferably pent.And it is better to use again the remaining material from the main decoration of the building.

If you decide that your country cottage will certainly be covered veranda - glass or wood, you need to carefully consider the ventilation system in the room.For this it is necessary to install windows with transoms opening or small window.Additionally, you can arrange several air vents in the ceiling.If you plan to be on the porch, not only in the days of summer, but in winter, you want to think about device heating system.As an extension, as a rule, have a modest size, as a heater it is possible to use an electric stove or fireplace.

Before you build a porch to the house with your own hands, you need to create a project of the future building.To get started is to decide how to arrange her relative parts of the world.This is a very important step for further planning are rooms for different purposes.For example, if you place the veranda on the east side of the building, there will be nice to spend the morning and before dinner you can hide in the shade.Greenhouse or conservatory require southern location.If you put a porch on the west side of the building, here you can watch the beauty of the evening sunset.But the extension to the north is built only in areas with warm climates.

Once you have figured out how to build a porch to the house with his own hands, built an extension and complied with all internal finishing works, you can think about the comfortable arrangement of the new premises.It is best to use a light wicker furniture here, and all the trimmings and home furnishings to choose in a single color.