Shrines dear to his heart: the icon "Unexpected Joy"

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Among Christian icons have a little-known, there are widely popular.But also, and such fame that goes from generation to generation, from age to age.Basically, it is a miraculous image of the Savior and the Virgin Mary - Our Lady of the patron.

history image

icon "Unexpected Joy" has a totally amazing story.It began with the fact that there lived a kind of a terrible sinner.Great were his villainy, but not a drop of remorse in his heart.Moreover, before every sinner prayed to Our Lady of the crime that she has blessed his work.Then one day, a prayer, a man noticed that the icon of Christ on the bleeding wound.In horror, she cried a great sinner, and his mother told him that people are guilty, he, in fact trample Christ, forced to suffer after his exploits on the cross.Then he repented and prayed for forgiveness of the offender, the Mother of God stood up, too, but the Lord was adamant.And when a sinner does already lost hope, mercy Son of God.The joy, ease, with nothing comparable, felt recent blasphemer.Stop sinning, he became a life to lead an honest, righteous.In memory of the great miracle of rebirth and was written as a landmark icon "Unexpected Joy".Date of establishment - about 18 th century.Source - spiritual stories and parables Dmitri of Rostov, a Russian saint.

value character

Let's ponder in the name of the image.What does the icon "Unexpected Joy" why "accidentally"?Chayat - t. E. Wait, wait, to hope.The particle "no" gives the word a negative connotation.That is, stop "chayat" despair, fall into sorrow, sadness, disbelief.But with the word "joy" the meaning of the phrase comes back positive.Therefore, the icon "Unexpected Joy" means a sudden, unexpected, but on an even more valuable forgiveness, deliverance, intercession, help.Yes, of course we are happy when justified expectation when life begins a streak of light.But we are even more grateful if it happens suddenly, out of nowhere, like a real miracle.Is not it amazing, is not great mercy of God?About the power of God and reminds us of the icon of the Mother of God "Unexpected Joy".

When to image

image embodies the endless hope people in the intercession of the powers.The fact that the Virgin hears sees imbued with understanding, compassion, and not leave in trouble, distress, grief.Icon "Unexpected Joy", a photo which you can see, is traditionally depicted in two ways: on one Christ in the hands of the Mother hears the sinner on his knees, and below there is a sign - the beginning of this blessed history.On the other baby is depicted with bloody wounds that were opened as a sign of inconsolable grief to the crimes of men.Before praying all the way, who the Lord - the last instance, who, except for God and the Virgin, nowhere more to go.And not to anyone!On his moaning and coming from the innermost depths lurking word meek believers and get an answer - Unexpected Joy!Getting rid of, aroused by the grace of forgiveness, the safe handling of cases.Especially the way helps in the treatment of illnesses - both physical, bodily and mental.

Lord giveth you!