Exercises on the rear delts.

broad shoulders is extremely important for every bodybuilder who wants to be a massive and harmonious development of the body.Formation shoulder "deals" only one muscle - the deltoid and the rear delta shoulder is formed by the trapezius.Next, we describe in more detail about the features of the training, as well as about the best exercises for the back of the shoulder of the delta.

Reasons active training shoulders

Most bodybuilders devote to training this muscle group is quite attention, since their study allows us to emphasize the biceps and triceps, do hands visually massive, ripped and aesthetic.This fact forces the train just deltoids absolutely all athletes who wish to achieve excellent results in this sport.The second important reason for the need for such training is a high level of traumatic shoulder joint, because he is involved in a huge number of different exercises.Intensive training can significantly strengthen the shoulder ligaments, protecting thus deltoid from serious injuries.

Features training

shoulders often are difficult to pump.Why is this happening?The fact that the deltoid rather complicated manner.It has 3 bundle of muscles: the front, middle and rear.It is not difficult to assume that there is no such exercise which would uniformly load all the head.That is why the quality of the training should include diverse shoulder movement, which would be sent to all departments of the deltoid.It is worth noting that in any exercise, it is vital to the correct position of the body.Of course, for best results, you must perform both basic and isolation exercises.Beginners enough to perform 2 exercises per workout, the more advanced - and more 3.Number of sets - 3-4 8-12 reps.

Basic exercises

As we mentioned, the shoulder muscle is quite choosy in terms of hypertrophy and improve power performance.In principle, the quality of its study of the three newcomers enough exercise is the basis for this muscle group:

  • military press.
  • Press of dumbbells / barbells while sitting / standing.
  • Bench Arnold.

These techniques are rightly considered to be best to work out the delta, and therefore they are able to promptly increase the power rates and the amount of muscle.

Next, we describe in more detail about what kind of exercise to the rear of the delta is best done to maximize their development.

Interesting scientific experiments

Norwegian scientists after many experiments concluded that athletes are better presses sitting than standing.Difficult was standing bench with dumbbells.Nevertheless, it is such exercises (bench presses standing) most strongly stimulated the growth of the deltoid.It is worth noting that the best growth yielded the front beam of the shoulders.Dumbbell bench press, in turn, is much more involved in the work of the front head than the press of a bar, but the middle and back loaded with approximately the same (at the secondary level).Finally, sitting on the bench press 30% less head touched the back than a similar standing.

Isolation exercises on rear delts

It's no secret that in order to achieve maximum relief and aesthetics need to perform isolation movements.Note also that most basic exercises strongest loads medial, and therefore it is not necessary to sharpen the focus.But back beam almost always lagging behind, which is why the use of targeted exercise is quite important.Rear delta photos which you can see below, "likes" traction exercises, which we'll tell you right now in detail.Of course, the mahi are also useful, but more detailed analysis on this topic can be found in the end.

Reverse breeding simulator Peck-Deck

How to build rear delts?Of course, the need to hold regular weight training.One of the best exercises for the rear beam is above the movement, which it is desired to perform for every single workout.In addition to well-developed back of the head, this movement affects the work of the majority of the back muscles.Finally, the exercise will allow you to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder rotator cuff, the strength of which directly affects the stability of the shoulder joint to a certain amount of stress.Technique is as follows:

  • First adjust the position of the arms, as well as the height of the seats in the simulator.The ideal will be a situation in which the width between the arms is equal to the width of the shoulders.It is important that the arms are parallel to the floor.Chest tightly pressed against the seat back, back a bit of flex in the back, and keep your hands completely straightened by holding the handle neutral grip.
  • Next breed handle slightly so that the load began to rise from the stops.
  • inhales and holding his breath at the moment of maximum straining rear beams and upper back, spreading the handle as far as possible back.
  • In the top of the movement, when our hands are quite laid back, do brief pause, straining harder rear head.Then exhale and return to the starting position.
  • when you reach the bottom point, do instant pause and proceed to the next repetition.

Thrust dumbbells lying on his stomach

We continue to talk about what exercises are best rear delts.The technique of the next movement can view below:

  • Lie on a bench simulator abdomen down.
  • Take dumbbells.
  • inhale lift the dumbbells up to chest level.Elbows breed around, holding them flexed 90 degrees at the top of the movement.
  • On the exhale, drop the weights down.Repeat this exercise several times.

This traction on the back of the delta must be present in the training program.

Breeding dumbbells in hand in the slope

Last on our list of exercise that is great effect on the elaboration of the rear of deltas.Technique of the following:

  • Take dumbbells front grip.
  • leans forward so, that was the torso parallel to the floor.Keep your back flat, slightly arched in the lumbar spine.
  • hands firmly fix the elbow, which must remain straight until the end of the approach.At the beginning of you can bend them a little, in order to facilitate its process.
  • prestressing beams and trapezoidal rear, gently pushing the dumbbells to the sides, and then try to raise them as high as possible.
  • hands move only vertically that passes through the shoulders.
  • At the top, keep your elbows slightly above the level of the back.
  • gently lower the dumbbells to the starting position, to make a brief pause, in order to begin to carry out the next repetition.

Training deltoid

impossible to write a universal program for all, but The following tips will help you achieve success.

Training Complex №1

  1. Lifting arms with dumbbells sitting on the sides - 3 x 10.
  2. Link to the chin - 3 x 12.
  3. Bench because of the head in the Smith machine - 2 x 8.

TrainingComplex №2

  1. thrust rod to the chin - 3 x 10.
  2. Bench Arnold - 3 x 8.
  3. Mahi - 2 x 12.

Training Complex №3

  1. standing dumbbell bench press - 3 x 8.
  2. Lifting arms with dumbbells to the sides sitting on hooded.bench - 3 x 10.
  3. Thrust dumbbells to your chin - 2 x 12.

How to build rear delts?To maximize the effect of training may be combined with exercises for the legs and back.Do not forget about the regime and the right diet.

rods against swings

When the strides we can easily injure the deltoid, as they have quite specific structure.Did you know that the shoulder muscles to perform complex tasks, including the work of many exercises the upper body.Rear beam deltas, exercises on the development of which we have described above, is fairly easy to injure.However, training the group of muscles is extremely important for both beginners and professionals.Remember also that the delta back to some extent involved in the pumping of the chest and back.So

traction or mahi?Of course, first.The fact that traction provides you a fast gain in muscle mass and power performance, in contrast to the swings, the specialization of which - "clogging up" of muscles and relief of their drawing.You can also quickly enough progress to thrust loads, but will not be able to take more weight during flapping exercises.Finally, the last even at the slightest violation of the technique could lead to injury, which certainly did not happen in the draft.So why do mahi at all?It's simple: they allow the most "zapampit" beam deltas, as well as to develop endurance.

In conclusion

Delta are quite gentle muscle damage that is very simple.Rear delta tend to lag in development, since in many cases it is weakly loaded in a particular exercise, in contrast to the medial and anterior heads.We have described the best exercises to the rear of the delta, as well as several effective and at the same time very simple training programs that are sure to make you stronger and more massive.Success in training!