Copperhead: poisonous to humans or not?

people who are going to go to Europe, to any resorts in the Mediterranean in the spring or summer, be sure to meet copperhead.Poisonous or not this beautiful snake?This issue should be of interest to travelers in the first place.And the answer is ambiguous.The fact that the smooth snake belongs to the family colubridae therefore she squeezes its prey, then swallows.But what if her teeth?

It would seem that if the considered snake has teeth, then the question of whether or not a poisonous copperhead, disappears by itself.There fangs, so it can bite.However, this statement is not entirely true.Reptile teeth are located in the back of the oral cavity, she uses them only when hunting ends catching large sacrifices.Due to small size it can not strangle yourself caught animal.Then she will have to paralyze your poison, and only after that it will be able to use it safely in food.

In all other cases, the smooth snake eats lizards.They constitute the basic diet of its power, because they are fairly small animals, which she did not have to waste your poison.Sometimes, when one considers the snake can not catch a lizard, she starts hunting for small rodents.It should be noted that these can sometimes have reptiles each other.But this rarely happens.This can happen when the copperhead not be able to find another victim.In any case, cannibalism makes this snake to think seriously about how to be safe if it is really for the people.

However, the question of whether or not a poisonous copperhead to humans and remains open.The fact that in the world there are many animals and insect venom which is safe for people.It can deliver a different kind of inconvenience, but does not kill.But there are people who have had a severe allergic reaction to certain poisons.For example, one person can survive a viper bite, but will die if his usual bee sting.That is the answer to the question of whether or not a poisonous copperhead, it lies in the individual characteristics of the human body.Some will not even notice how this snake will bite them, while others will suffer severe fever for several weeks, and some may even die.In any case, it is not necessary to check copperhead snake venomous or not.After all, nobody knows until the end as it will result in a bite.

copperhead can be easily recognized by its appearance.It has a copper shade, due to which got its name.It should be noted that it is a characteristic feature of the black stripe at eye level, and it was she who sets it apart from similar snakes.But whether you are looking into the eyes of a small detachment creeping representative scaly, when you find him?It may be so, that before you a dangerous reptile bite which carries serious consequences.

Thus, the answer to the question of whether the poisonous copperhead, in most cases is negative.However, it is secure and get round this snake, as it can be a person with a strong allergic reaction to its bite.