Each equine animal is priceless, and humanity can save the remaining species!

Although equine animal cloven-hoofed and his brother belong to the same group, which is called the superorder ungulates, among them there are many significant differences.The main is that people have destroyed most of the first squad.Many members of equines is now listed in the "Red Book" and strictly guarded.Only in some instances can be hunted.But this does not mean that a detachment artiodactyls humanity does not put his hand.Some of them are also listed in the "Red Book."

So equine animal is different from the structure of cloven-hoofed toes on the limbs.They number an odd number, one of which is the most developed.He is responsible for all of the pressures placed on it by body weight.They are fairly large animals with simple stomach.One family of this order is different horn on his head and called the rhinoceros.In the past, a large number of different types of detachment consisted equine animals, the presentation of them in our time is limited to three families.It Tapirovye, Horse and rhinoceros.

biggest equine animal - rhino.They exist in the world, only five types, two of which are found in Africa.The rest are located in the forests of Asia.Rhinos can live perfectly in a separate form.They are united only when there is a period of mating.The fact is that any rhino has a thick skin, which is quite difficult to damage, even serious detachment of predators.This allows them to feel completely safe, even alone.The legs and tail of these representatives are short and thick, and his lips are arranged so that it is convenient to gather grass and twigs from the trees.Most rhinos are not dangerous to humans.

Next equine animal is slightly smaller rhino.This horse family, which includes horses and zebras.The latter remains much less than the rhinos, they number only three, each of which has the same color.Zebra is known for its black and white stripes on the body.This helps deter gadflies and tsetse flies that like to eat the blood of animals.All zebras live in Africa, and are safe for humans.Horses also in a separate representation is not needed because people have long made them his assistants and know how to look like the representatives of this species.

The last animal of the reporting unit, called the tapir.This representative can be called the most vulnerable, since he is endowed with only small limbs, bulky body and small eyes that see very badly.Therefore, they have to be guided by smell and hearing.For a man, these animals are not dangerous.In the world there are only four species of tapirs that live in the South East Asia and America.

In any case, cloven-hoofed animals and horses are an integral part of nature.And if in the past people in their ignorance, irresponsible attitude to the conservation of certain species, but now we must ensure safe existence of the remaining instances, to save the whole family.