Flycatcher - a bird petite and beautiful

flycatcher - the small size of the bird, which belongs to the family of passerine and Old World flycatcher, comprising about 80 genera and more than 330 species.All members of the family of flycatchers have sufficiently long wings and weak legs, unfit for active movement in the branches of trees or the ground.Flycatcher - bird with rather short tail (except paradise flycatcher), with the notch on the end.Colouring of plumage from a family of flycatchers can be a monotonous one kind or another very bright.

The most common of this family acquired its species such as the red-breasted flycatcher, gray flycatcher flycatcher and lemming.Bird mainly has a strong conical beak, which extends to the base, small size and soft plumage, which is typical for all kinds of flycatchers.In our country, representatives of this family are found around 4 genera and 15 species.

Lotsmanchik or red-breasted flycatcher - a bird got its name due to the miniaturization and weight.Its weight is only 11 grams, body length - 12-14 cm, for what is considered to be the smallest lotsmanchik overlooking Old World flycatcher family.Small Flycatcher - a bird inconspicuous because prefers to settle in the forests of tall conifers.In the first year of life coloration in males and females is almost the same.Later lotsmanchik male gets colorful plumage, pronounced ash-gray color of the front of the chest and sides, red neck, and brownish-gray back.The female has a small pied plumage dull and does not have red spots on the throat.Nests of small flycatchers features a large number of moss, which is the main material for building a nest.The main source of food for birds are caterpillars, small beetles and butterflies.Lotsmanchika a song is fairly simple-sounding trill has a pleasant sound.

Gray Flycatcher - a bird that has become widespread across Europe and the European part of Russia.In the east of the country area of ​​its habitat extends to the Chita region.Bird Flycatcher (photos can be seen in the article) is not different bright plumage, with brownish-gray top, white bottom and longitudinal streaks, located on the chest and head.Like all members of the family of Old World flycatcher, gray flycatcher has a small size: the length of the bird's body is 15 centimeters, and the weight of 15 grams.Often the bird settles near the man lives in the villa areas, forest edges, vineyards, orchards and gardens.While many members of this family are quite beautiful voice, Spotted Flycatcher sings and makes a quiet squeaking whistles.

Variegated Flycatcher - a bird singing, which is different from the small of his sisters and gray plumage and bright enough sounding trills.During the summer the males have black and white plumage and distinct white spots on the wings and on the beak, and whitish color chest.In females flycatcher plumage less bright: the upper part of the calf brown and black wings and tail.In winter color in the males becomes like a painting females, while males remain flycatcher with black wings and tail feathers on top.The main habitat of pied flycatchers are parks and orchards where there is a large number of hollows.Song of male Pied flycatcher is a short ringing trills of different heights.