Fire salamander - animal comes from legends

Salamanders - it amphibians that belong to the suborder Newt, tailed squad.They look awkward, disproportionate body fat with transverse folds and a rounded tail.The skin has many glands.Most of them are concentrated on the sides of the torso, back and behind the ears.On forelegs 4 fingers, and rear - 5. Very interesting and very mysterious creature is a salamander.

animal is a hero of many legends and even fairy tales, and all thanks to the confidence that the amphibian does not burn in the fire.Of course, we should not scoff at the salamander, to make sure the truth of these words, but if it so happens that the animal gets into a fire, it will not perish, but will likely be saved by flight.Lizard Salamander has a mucus that stands out from the skin.That it also helps avoid the negative effects of the fire.By the way, due to the white-milky discharge is being considered for many years lethal to humans.

most common and well-known is the fire salamander.The animal gets its name from the golden-orange

spots on a black background, sometimes called spotty.Amphibian habitat - North Africa, Europe, except the Northern Territory, Asia Minor.Wet and dark place - this is what is so fond of the salamander.The animal prefers to hide during the day under rocks, tree roots, in burrows.Lizard thrives in forests where there is high humidity.If a long period of hot weather persists and does not put the amount of precipitation falls, the dwelling place of the salamander is in question because amphibian can not exist for a long time at high temperatures and low humidity.

The main drawback of the animal is its slowness.Because of this, they can not diversify their diet and to feed mainly on snails, slow-moving insects, earthworms.Sometimes attacks on small vertebrates.Slowness is also the reason that many prey becomes predator salamander.The animal may become dinner for shrews, raccoon, possum, owls.Tellingly, mucus lizard predators has no effect, for them it is harmless.

salamander belongs to a type of live-bearing animals, the type of young resemble tadpoles, like frogs.From the moment of birth until the autumn they are in the water, and when cold, are selected to the land, to safely hide.In winter, all lizards hibernate.For a long time people believed that the corrosive slime allocated through salamander skin, deadly not only for small rodents and large animals and humans.In fact, the venom of some species really hurts, but in death, he does not.

Do not attack a man salamander.Photo of the lizard shows that it does not have tools to attack.Amphibians do not have claws, teeth, spines, so to protect yourself from the poison, just not worth it to touch him.Prolonged contact with the salamander slime can enter the body even through the skin.The poison is able to act on the brain and central nervous system, so you should stick to safety when meeting with a lizard.