Every summer in the fields and urban areas can meet the high plant with an unforgettable bitter smell.Common wormwood is familiar to many - in the spaces of our country it is found more than a hundred raznovidnosey, differing from each other both in appearance and certain properties.Wormwood, useful properties which have been known for many centuries, was considered a plant capable to heal body and soul.

Wormwood often endowed with mystical properties.For example, in Kievan Rus was considered to be its plants capable of clear spiritual world.The bitter smell of it is still considered an excellent protection from evil people, it protects against the evil eye, able to withstand deterioration.In Eastern religions extracted from Artemisia essential oils, so necessary for relaxation and meditation.

Wormwood, useful properties which are known to all, belongs to the subspecies wormwood.Check this plant is fairly easy: its distinctive feature is a soft silvery-gray color of the trunk and leaves a distinct

smell and taste very bitter.It is thanks to him infusions and decoctions of this plant to actively stimulate and purify the human body, giving it a charge of vivacity and energy.Not to be confused with other plants our wormwood, photos can be viewed in the article.

Wormwood, useful properties which are proved by physicians, used to control harmful organisms such as Chlamydia, Ureaplasma, fungi.It is a good tool in the fight against worms.For treatment, you can use a decoction of wormwood to drink or as an infusion for syringing.To prepare for the part of the procedure, you will need only one teaspoon of chopped sage per cup of boiling water.Components will need to infuse some time, and only then they can be used for other purposes.

Useful properties of wormwood, as has been said, are highly valued in the fight against parasites such as worms.There are some good recipes that will effectively deal with them without the use of drugs.Very effective mixture of chopped sage, cloves and flax seeds.Such a composition is recommended to drink carrot juice.The combination of these natural constituents most effectively kills parasites at all stages of their development.If from natural ingredients you only wormwood, do not worry, this is also enough.Dried and ground into dust it leaves - this powder will have to eat for three days every two hours.Dosage is incomplete teaspoon, which is allowed to wash down with warm water.

average duration is about one week.In recent days, the number of occurrences of this folk remedy can be significantly reduced.

And once again treats us to wormwood.Useful properties it is widely used to combat parasites, heartburn, diarrhea, and bad breath.Baths with wormwood used in neuroses and broths help even for cancer prevention.Do not be amiss to say that with this miracle plant can lose weight.Apply sagebrush and possible external way - it often rubbed blisters and injured areas of the body.