What are the different kinds of ticks?

species of tick that exist in nature are numerous.Scientists account for their more than 20 thousand.And only a small part can be attributed to a potentially life-threatening human and animal.About a quarter of them - this hawkers diseases.

mites are found everywhere: in the fields, forests, seas, oceans and swamps.Even wet bedding and carpeting in the home can be a breeding ground for these insects.

reasonable question arises: "What are ticks and how are they dangerous?"Ticks - the most unpleasant representatives of this class.Meeting with this rather dangerous for human and animal.Their bite can be accompanied by diseases such as inflammation of the brain, fever, typhus.There are ticks in the forests of Siberia and Europe.Some species settle in the Crimea and Turkey.Wild species of Ixodes ticks wait for a man in the meadows and other places covered with grass.For the most dangerous pet brown dog tick.It is found in humid coastal strip.This parasite burrows into the dog's skin and is the causative a

gent of babesiosis.In rare cases, there was an attack on the people of brown mite.

Tubular ticks - the inhabitants of forest litter and moist soil.The most common type.They affect the digestive system of animals that eat the larvae and grass mite infestations.

Yet another "unpleasant neighbors" - granary mites.These small arthropods settle in grits, flour, plant bulbs and bark.If the mite gets into the body, it is possible to get poisoned digestive system, accompanied by redness of the eyes, allergies and even asthma attacks.

Sarcoptes mite - the causative agent of scabies.Representatives of this kind is quite long passages of gnaw on the skin and lay eggs there, causing severe itching and inflammation.

Multiple species of ticks are found throughout the life course.In reservoirs, water mites lurk, meeting with which is very unpleasant, and gamasid mites destroy any poultry.Trombiculid mites rather small, and therefore almost invisible, people are attacked only the larvae of these representatives, being carriers of fever.

In order not to get sick after a walk in the woods or a trip to the river, it is necessary to observe some precautions and be careful.Going to the nature, get dressed so that the body is the most closed.Do not leave the mites to penetrate into the hair on the head or get into the shoes.Be sure to inspect each other after a walk.To be fully prepared, you need to know the "enemy" in the face, so be sure to check out our special photo book mites, which can be dangerous.If there were suspicions of an insect bite, immediately ride to the doctor.Do not try to remove the tick by, if he had stuck into the skin, so you tear his abdomen and head remain poisonous.A couple of drops of castor oil will help remove all of the insect, leaving you in a body parts.

Inspect not only yourself, but also your pet, his ears and nose.Many species of ticks is transferred dogs, cats and other pets.

Subject simple rules will make your stay pleasant and not overshadowed by the painful consequences.