The military rank of "General of the Army"

Army general - not just the rank, it is the personal military rank, meaning the highest (or one of the highest) military post in the armies of almost all modern states.Above the rank of general - only the title of Marshal or Field Marshal, which are used in some countries.And if the title is missing, the rank of general - is the highest military post.Examples of these countries can serve as the United States and Ukraine.

However, in the history of this title there are some unusual moments.For example, in Spain, was awarded the title "Captain-General," roughly equivalent rank of Field Marshal, which is above the rank of general.

To better understand the concept of "General of the Army", you should compare the rank generals USA and the USSR.

In republican states in the US rank of marshal, is unconsciously associated with the monarchy has never been.Serious attempts of its introduction have been taken.As an analogue thereof, in July 1866, Congress established the highest military rank - General of the Army, awarding them US Grant, who had the glory of the hero of the Civil War, who later became the president of America.At that time it has existed only as a personal military title, not a regular army rank.At the same time the title could only be one commander.

In the mid 40s of the twentieth century the title was revised by Congress and established as a permanent military rank.However, since September 20, 1950 the title is no longer used, although it is still written in the charter of the army.The generals of the US Army began to have a title equivalent rank of Admiral of the Fleet and Air Force General, which were then introduced.

In the USSR, this title was given to some other value.Here, the title of "General of the Army" was a personal military rank just below the Marshal of the Soviet Union and above the rank of colonel.After the departure of the soldier from the service were added to the title the word "retired" or "reserve".

The military rank of General of the Army was one of the four top ranks, which were introduced in 1940 by the Soviet Army.Before the revolution in Russia the title of General of the Army, in fact, did not exist, as the supreme military rank belonged to the king.The first generals of the Soviet Army - GKZhukov, IVSeals, KAMeretskov.Since the rank of General of the Soviet Army and Marshal of the Soviet Union, it has been given to anyone until 1943, when the chase with 4 stars solemnly handed AMVasilevsky.

Later during WWII rank of General of the Army has been assigned eighteen additional warlords, of which ten were later awarded the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union.

Their main task was to guide the strategic directions.In wartime Army General entrusted the role of commander of the front, and at the end of the war - his deputy.

After the war, he was assigned the rank of general is not for outstanding military achievements, but in fact served on the senior management of state military units, including members of the security and political workers.