Time of Troubles: briefly about the reasons, the results and consequences

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Time of Troubles.Briefly about the causes and consequences of this heavy period for our country will be discussed below.Russia was economically and physically devastated, people have lost faith in the outcome of the faithful.Yet problems have been solved, and ascended to the throne of the new (and last) dynasty.

Time of Troubles: briefly about the reasons

So, what was the main reason?Perhaps one can not forget about the reign of Ivan the Terrible.The tyrant and a despot with his oprichnina and Livonian unnecessary war not only destroyed the country, he brought it social tension.Reinforced this feeling of Uglich drama, was killed the heir to the throne.Still, there are other reasons that are sure to follow from the above assumptions.Vo-pervyh, a crisis of the dynasty and the government (still the same Uglich drama);secondly, it is worsening in the social sphere, which were caused by the new decree of the five-year investigation of runaway peasants (decree further reinforced enslavement of the segment of the population);Thirdly, the beginning of the Time of Troubles, a brief account of the events which will be discussed below, marked by hunger;Fourth, the large claims of Poland to the Russian throne.Thus, a large "bouquet" factors in their totality gave a huge boost, which led to a kind of collapse of the state.

Time of Troubles: summary of major developments

As mentioned above, the beginning of a strong distemper was accompanied by famine.Ironically, in this population vinilo then king - Boris Godunov, who allegedly angered God his "unnatural", ie the fact that the throne should not be in his hands.One way or another, but this ruler dies and begins a difficult time for Russia.The country is experiencing a few rebellions, and then there Lzhedmitry first.This figure will later legendary.Surprisingly, the monarch and the army over to the side of the imposter, but this does not save him from death.Now comes the era of the boyars king.When it deepened the civil war in the country.SHUISKI rules during the uprising Ivan Bolotnikov, during an open intervention, as well as during the Second False Dmitry.Tushino thief, as it was called, as was popular among the people, but he did not receive adequate support: organized conspiracy that resulted in the murder of an impostor.But the king of the boyars and overthrown.Next comes the board council of seven.During this time, two people's militia saving capital of Russia, and free it from invaders.Later it will be executed nationwide, as well as peace treaties with Poland and Sweden, which will secure for a while the country's borders.

Time of Troubles, which was briefly described above, led to the fact that the Russian throne, established a new dynasty, whose name - the Romanovs.Due to the Zemsky Sobor it has been chosen the young king, who through hard work led to a state of stability.Thus, the effects of the Time of Troubles (briefly about them can be found in textbooks and manuals) have become matters for reflection of the new government.