Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin back together

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Popular actress Jennifer Lawrence and musician Chris Martin to choose a suitable weekend to revive their romance.

superstar couple, who was forced to leave temporarily because of the grueling schedule of the two reunited at Easter to try to revive their relationship.

Star "Hunger Games" and Coldplay frontman have been seen for a joint dinner at the restaurant Tavern on the Green, located near the Central Park in New York.Then they were poisoned with a walk in the Strawberry Fields.

That's what the witness told The New York Post: "Jennifer arrived first and waited for a while in his car. Then she went into the restaurant and sat down with his bodyguard. A little later came Chris. They are pretty fast lunch. They left the tablein the yard, and people ran into the street to take pictures of them through the window, but the bodyguard thwarted these attempts. "

"Throughout the meal, Jennifer and Chris quietly about something talking. When they left, Lawrence changed shoes and a sweater. Someone heard her say to Chris that she would walk along the Strawberry Fields. And they went for a walkholding hands, "- said an involuntary eavesdropper.

Recall last couple were seen together at a birthday Harry Styles in Los Angeles on January 31.

Now they, apparently, all is well, because the lovers were spotted again yesterday, they boarded a private plane, flying together from Teterboro Airport, New Jersey.

37-year-old Chris Martin and 24-year-old Jennifer Lawrence in recent weeks have been overburdened.Oscar-winning actress is working in Boston on his new film "Joy" , rock star and helps to promote new music and streaming service Tidal producer and rapper Jay-Z.

Lovers spent Valentine's Day apart, moreover, Chris joined his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow.And then he stayed in Malibu with her children - 10-year-old Apple, 8-year-old Moses.

And earlier this week, Chris and Gwyneth also held with spring break, they rested in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.While lawyers continue to draw their divorce, the former spouses remain on friendly terms.