Rules for writing an essay on social

purpose of this article - to clarify the rules for writing essays all whom it may be of interest.

Essay - a kind of works in prose, with its signs of brevity and the freedom to choose the theme, as well as freedom in presenting the material.The French thinker Michel de Montaigne was a pioneer of the genre.His famous "experience" as a written essay.

The purpose of the essay - convey information about anything and described to explain the phenomenon.Achieving performed by directly authoring language.The essay is not the story line and characters.

As a rule, set out in an essay the author's viewpoint is innovative and highly personal.His opinion, in accordance with the tradition of the genre, can relate to the field of criticism, journalism, philosophy and also involve the scientific and popular topics.

Modern students write essays required in accordance with the requirements of the Unified State Examination (USE).Examples include works in the fields of social science, Russian and foreign languages, literature.The student is obliged to:

- write down your thoughts (competently and clearly);

- demonstrate independent creative thinking.

This article presents the universal rules of writing essays, regardless of its subject matter as well as the rules of writing essays on social science.Universal recommendations explain how to choose a theme and create the structure of the work.

rules of writing essays

Requirements Related

purpose of topics - convincing invitation to the reader to ponder and debate.It is recommended to choose a controversial statement or issues and turn them into a theme.For example: "Who benefits from the case Pussy Riot?», «Why I do not want to take part in the rallies," etc.

Structural features

  1. desirable any title page .(Must be in student work).
  2. Introduction .The meaning and the wording of the base theme.Statement of the main question on the subject, which will get your answer in the body (in the "Body Text").Current state of the topic (it is necessary to substantiate and prove).Terminology with explanations.
  3. « Body text » (the main part).Detailed answers to the basic question.It is necessary to analyze the data that are available to the author and to protect the arguments of his point of view.It is recommended to use a pair of categorical philosophical and describe the relationship: causal, formal content, the relationship of the whole and parts, etc.Rule paragraphs: one paragraph - one idea.
  4. final part .Combining findings.Review of the outcome.Repeat basic assertions to which it is desirable to choose a quote.

These are the rules for writing an essay on any subject.We turn to social science.

essay on social

Each rule writing essays in this area requires to know the problems of the seven social science Sciences:

  • philosophy,
  • social psychology,
  • economy,
  • sociology,
  • political science,
  • jurisprudence.

work should be creative.The author interprets the problematic situation outlined in the job and sets out its views on it.It is necessary to introduce serious arguments to operate with social science concepts and terms, to show possession of theoretical propositions.It is desirable to use the facts, based on the personal and social experience of the student.

Criteria for evaluation of the social studies essay:

  • Proper use and excellent knowledge of the basic social science terms.
  • ability to describe, explain and compare the many social processes and objects.
  • Reliance on own illustrations to the provisions of the theory.
  • ability to personally assess the social facts.

Requirements for obtaining the highest assessment:

  • Problems essays revealed at the level of theory.
  • Author's position is formulated and protected.
  • The author's opinion is based on public life (proven ability to analyze facts) and on his own experience of living in society.

essay on social science - the only part of the exam, which allowed the choice of theme of the six available.That this was a conscious choice, the student should be prepared to write an essay in accordance with the above requirements.