What is the scientific knowledge

Cognition is a specific genus of human activity.I sent it to the comprehension of the man himself and the world.The acquisition of knowledge is carried out by people in two basic means.The first is the labor.Thus a person gets practical knowledge.The second is the spiritual method.In the framework of the learning process and the knowledge obtained during the historical development of self-knowledge and practices embodied in various forms.

For each form of social consciousness (philosophy, science, politics, mythology, religion, and so on. D.) Correspond to specific types of knowledge.Among them we should highlight the mythological play, everyday, philosophical.There are artistic and imaginative, personal, scientific knowledge.

Each type has its own characteristics.However, in the modern world the question of what a scientific knowledge, researchers are interested in more than other issues.

essence of this kind of perception is an authentic synthesis of the facts available.Scientific knowledge of the random sees a natural and necessary, as in the unit brings the total.Its task is to detect the objective laws of the real world: social, natural, laws of thinking and self-knowledge.Therefore scientific knowledge focused mainly on the essential characteristics of the object, and the general properties of the expression system in the abstract.It seeks to discover the objective, the necessary connections, fixed in the form of laws.If it does not, then there is science itself.The specificity of scientific knowledge involves discovery of the laws and in-depth study of the phenomena.

highest value and is considered to be the immediate goal of objective truth.It is perceived mainly by rational means and methods, not without, of course, a natural observation.Scientific knowledge assumes the elimination of subjective points (if possible), which provides a "clean" the consideration of the subject.Thus, science gives a true reflection of the phenomena, it forms an objective picture of what is happening.This is of great importance and activity of the subject, which is a prerequisite and condition for the comprehension of truth.

than other forms of knowledge of science is focused on practical implementation.Thus, it becomes a kind of "guide to action" on the reforms in the management of the surrounding reality and real processes.With the help of scientific knowledge opens the possibility not only vision, but also the conscious shaping the future.

Modern science has a significant feature.This feature manifests itself in the ability to predetermine the practice.Many modern production processes originated in the laboratories.Thus, science today can not only meet the needs of production, but often is a prerequisite to technical progress.

The epistemological level scientific knowledge is contradictory and complex process.In the course of this process, not only reproduction, to record information, but also information elements forming systems in accordance with certain principles of the rules, regulations.

acquisition of scientific knowledge can not do without the use of specific material means (tools, equipment, other equipment).At the same time, are used to study different methods and means, such as mathematics, modern logic, dialectics, and others.

scientific knowledge there is no evidence, validity, reliability of the findings and the results obtained.However, at the same time the study involves the construction of guesses, assumptions, hypotheses.

modern methodology allocates different criteria of scientific knowledge.These include, in addition to the above, it should also include the internal system, the formal consistency, reproducibility, freedom from prejudice, open to criticism, the severity.