How do you know that your loved one needs support?

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Unfortunately, boys and girls are very different.We arranged differently, or think and feel we bring differently.For example, boys are often taught that to ask for help - it is wrong, saying that real men do not do that.If your boyfriend is such, he probably prefers not to discuss with you your business in the period of difficulties.

Why do you want to know about problems at work if you still can not help?Silly.Well, let you do not sense in an offshore bank account, but you are a sensual and able to empathize and know how it is useful to speak out and just feel that someone is there and cares about you.But if he does not express verbally, his body would still be screaming about his feelings.You only need to hear!

- Mentally it elsewhere

You're probably familiar with this situation: you are obsessing him about something telling, and he only emptiness in his eyes, and it is clear that at this moment he was thinking something completelymore.It is always alarming bell.It may mean, for example, that your guy you fell out of love with you and ready to leave.Or that he had an affair.But every relationship in the case of any doubt incomprehensible motivation of your men should be interpreted in his favor.That is not to be angry, not hysterical, not shouting at you that he does not care.And the first thing to assume that he has some problems.

- He stopped to talk about some of his life

For example, it is a lot of interest and speaks about his work, but it has ceased to talk about how to make his parents.Or, it can not be shut when it came to fitness training, but about their health - not a word.Excluding the "sick" theme of the discussion circle, as if it blocks the problematic place, trying to delete it from your reality.Try to ask a few leading questions.Tells?Or, quickly turned the conversation to another topic?

- He carefully pretends that everything is under control

Let them talk about women's geographical cretinism, but you, for example, is much better focused on areas than ex-boyfriend.Because of this he was always very nervous, it was worth it to get lost.But the mind does not let on.He held face brushed off inquiries and stubbornly did their dirty deed - you wound up even further is not clear where.Keep in mind that this could happen in any walk of life.Guys difficult to admit its failure, too much responsibility on them - a real man!Your boyfriend does not want to show you weak.

- He fell ill

Negative emotions can not keep to myself.Otherwise, they are manifested in the form of health problems.To do this, even a special term - psychosomatic illness, that is the manifestation at the physiological level of psychological problems.If tests show that your boyfriend is healthy as an ox, but it is always concerned about any unpleasant symptoms, it may be that it is not a virus or stomach acidity.

If you suspect that your men are the problem, but he does not say, do not squeeze.Just show him a little more care, hug, get a massage.And work on establishing trust in your couple, so the next time you do not have to guess what it was.

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