What do I need to be baptized girls?

in your family there girl.Parents are always a lot of questions.How it will be a man?What is her name more appropriate?What do I need to be baptized girls?Try to understand a few of them.

name at baptism

Currently on TV a lot of different series and films.Some mothers call their daughters in honor of favorite heroines.What do I need to be baptized the girl with that name?It is necessary that it was in the calendar.It must be called in honor of the saint, which protects the baby from all slander.To his patroness, she will handle the ups and downs.To choose the best name for the Life of the saint, whose exploits have impressed you most.


after the ceremony for the baby will be important godmother.Therefore, answering the question: "What do I need to be baptized a girl?", First of all, we note that it godparents mom and dad.Godparents must be Orthodox Christians, respectively, regularly attend services and know the prayers.While it may be true that by teaching your daughter, they learn something new yourself.


Now the shop, you can buy everything you need for baptism girl clothes, the choice is much richer than that for boys.Babes dressed smartly in a more diverse and in early childhood.At the head of the girl can wear a hat, not only, but also a beautiful scarf.Instead of shirts you can take a special christening dress.You can find clothes for the sacrament alone, but you can buy a ready set.This can take care godparents.For example, the future pope can buy baby icon and pay a donation to the church, and my mother - find clothes for the holy sacrament.Shirt for baptism Girls - this is one of the most necessary things along with a cross and a towel.


This ordinance gives your daughter the opportunity to become a real member of the Christian community in the land, and in the mansions of God - heir to the kingdom of heaven.Baptism - is a great and joyful event, a holiday that decided to celebrate.Usually open to all family members, close relatives and good friends.Congratulations may be in the form of a gift from parents, various commemorative amenities, accompanied by the utterance of warm words and good wishes.As offerings may be used clothes, something for child care, books, crib, stroller, dishes, silver spoon, and so on.. However, choosing a gift, you need to remember about the spiritual significance of the sacrament.Useful gifts will be gospel, Children's Bible Prayer.Novokreschenov girl can already put a candle in the church and ordered the service.As is known, the Savior asked not to hinder the kids to come to Him.This means that we must do everything possible to save the soul of the child.

Here is a list of the basic fact that baptism is necessary for the girls, but in different parishes may have different requirements, so it is better to consult in advance with the priest.