As menopause begins and how to survive

Translated from the Greek word does not sound scary and even romantic - "ladder."Where it leads us poor women, who are destined to all of the most difficult: in his youth - the critical days of PMS, then childbirth, problems with children, before you know how to begin menopause or menopause - the same "Greek staircase."Well, the eternal nagging depression - one of the symptoms of age-adjustment of the body.And the worst way that you can think of - the gloom.

Why "ladder"?

likely because the climax takes place in stages, in several stages.Who how many years begins menopause depends on the woman's body, from her health, living conditions, and even heredity.If the mother suffered heavily during this period, therefore, and daughters must prepare for the challenges.There are also lucky, which does not feel the transition to a new quality, except that notice failure of the menstrual cycle, and then a complete cessation of menstruation.Such, alas, in the minority.Well, we're cat-woman, always knew how to land on four paws, will be able to now.With regard to age, this very individual process can start at someone right after 40 years, someone has tightened almost to 60. But the average age of menopause - 45-50 years.

So Milestones

before menopause begins in the classic sense of the word, a woman receives first signals in the form of irregular menses, delayed or, on the contrary, more often than usual.This so-called premenopausal.The thing is that her body is still enough of the hormone estrogen needed to fertilize the womb, but progesterone which is responsible for menstruation, already lacking.Gradually, the body is moved to the second stage - a complete cessation of the menstrual cycle.A year or two after that, when a woman is still waiting - is whether or not it is, and still fears the unexpected "gift" in the form of pregnancy for a longer period (which happens often!) - This is the second stage or the actual menopause.And then comes the third stage - postmenopause, when hormones are already at zero, and the woman is no longer tormented by the question of how to begin menopause and how to deal with its symptoms.

All different

already been mentioned above, that every woman going through this difficult period in his own life.But it is necessary to return to this topic and to expand a little: someone like menopause and who begins his moves.The easiest - is phasing out monthly in the absence of other aggravating symptoms.It happens, but rarely.Basically, the female body reacts violently to such a change - because the woman never wants to grow old!Against the background of hormonal changes are observed health problems - headaches, jumps in blood pressure, depression, nervous breakdowns.And the biggest scourge - this, of course, hot flashes, increased sweating.Often at this time a woman gets on the table to the surgeon - it starts all sorts of fibroids and cysts in the uterus and ovaries.But it is - the most severe cases.

As it survive?

Once menopause begins, most women say to themselves: "It is inevitable that we must go through."And they make a mistake, which exacerbates their suffering.Menopause should be treated, or rather not the climax, and its symptoms.

sure to be observed at the gynecologist and take designee hormonal treatment, which makes the transition to the new physiological condition as comfortable as possible.Do not interfere and fees herbs specifically for relieving symptoms of menopause - hot flushes and headaches.In psychological terms, perhaps, to be found all over the pros.For example, women aged 45-50 years is still young and beautiful, she is still working, she has many friends and possibly fans.Fear of pregnancy is not necessary, so that the intimate life brings new sensations.A free woman, and from the eternal worries about the children - they have their own life, then it is possible and a do - learn how to ride a bike, go to the pool, walk in the park with her friends, travel around the world.Life is still beautiful!