"Hero of the Soviet Union" - the highest award of the great state

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highest honor for any citizen of the USSR for many years was the conferring of the title "Hero of the Soviet Union."It was established in 1934 and is awarded for significant military exploits.Although in exceptional cases may have been awarded and for outstanding achievements in peacetime.Initially, as a mark of distinction award was assumed only an honorary diploma of the CEC of the USSR.However, in 1936 it was decided the position at which awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union" and awarded the Order of Lenin, and in 1939 there was a medal, called the "Golden Star", which became the hallmark of outstanding lyudey.Takzhe in 1939 was approved by the Decree ofwhich it becomes possible to assign repeatedly awarded "Hero of the Soviet Union."For each relies Order of Lenin, and diploma "Gold Star".Each winner of two medals cast in his hometown of bronze bust, with three times Hero of the Soviet Union honored that his bronze bust was installed in the Kremlin.However, according to the decree of the Presidium of this was to take place in the Palace of the Soviets, but it was not completed.Restrictions on the number of medals was not.However, the largest number of "Gold Star" in the history of awards - four.Four times Hero of the Soviet Union.This honor was awarded only two: Marshals Brezhnev and Zhukov.

title "Hero of the Soviet Union" was assigned for life.But there were occasions when the decision was revoked because of superstitions.In addition, 73 people were deprived of a high rank.Although 55 of them still got their reward ago.15 Heroes were repressed and were shot, and only after the majority of them have been rehabilitated and restored in rank.

first hero was eleven polar pilots who participated in the rescue of the steamer "Chelyuskin".The twentieth century was the bloodiest for the Soviet Union.Citizens of the USSR have participated in the civil war in Spain, the armed conflict in Mongolia, in the battle between Japan and the Red Army in the Soviet-Finnish conflict.And this is only the first half of the century.During these hostilities award "Hero of the Soviet Union" was awarded 626 people.And then came the War ... Great Patriotic War.11657 participants were awarded the highest award, 3051 people - posthumously.It is worth mentioning that a high rank were also foreign allies: Poles, Czechs, French.

But after the Second World War, the country has not received lasting peace.The heroes of the war in Afghanistan continued list of Heroes of the Soviet Union.After the collapse of the Union "Gold Star" received several prominent people, and then the highest award ceased to exist.It was replaced by the title of "Hero of the Russian Federation."But do not think that absolutely all the Heroes of the Soviet Union were deprived of their rights and privilegiy.Da, of course, the "Hero of the Soviet Union" - the highest award is a great state.But if you think about it, it becomes terrible.After its reception in most cases it is only possible when thousands of people were killed.So is not it better that such awards were given as little as possible, that there is no cause for great deeds?