Goddess Isis - Egyptian epitome of femininity and loyalty

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ancient Egyptian civilization gave the world a huge number of monuments of architecture, art and religion.Numerous legends, which are covered by expanses of once mighty kingdom, still generate a huge amount of controversy and disputes.Egyptian mythology keeps the secrets of existence large number of gods and goddesses.Some of them are people of the face of courage, justice and love, while others sow chaos and destruction.

One of the representatives of the master race was the goddess Isis.Patroness of fertility, water and wind element, it is a marvelous example of fidelity.She was worshiped as a true symbol of femininity.About her composed legends and myths of seafarers - the goddess Isis protect them from all sorts of threats.In addition, she is the patroness of the dead.

is not to say that the cult of the representatives of an extraterrestrial race was popular not only in Egypt, Europe and other parts of the world are evidence of worship of her.The greatest flowering of the worship of the goddess reached in the Hellenistic age.At that time it became known as "the one that has thousands of names": Asset, Uset, Ast, Iset and others.

Goddess Isis - is the clearest symbol of motherhood and family well-being.She was, according to some sources, at first began to worship in a limited area of ​​Egypt, located between the cities of Buto and Busiris.Then the cult of reverence has grown to a scale of the whole kingdom.Some manuscripts show that she is one of the oldest Protecting the African people.Existing mythological canon, which reflected the major biographies of the nine gods of Heliopolis, says Isis - the goddess, who has close ties with numerous representatives of the divine race.Her name was being surrounded by a great number of myths, when she tied the knot with the greatest god Osiris.Among other things, she is his sister.

One of the biggest legends of the existence of this pair is quite sad.The husband of the goddess Isis was brutally murdered by his opponent - Seth.To no one dared again to revive Osiris, his killer has divided the body of his victim into many pieces and scattered them on the territory of the whole of Egypt.Heartbroken Widow did not stop at nothing, she found every piece of their beloved husband.With the help of numerous rituals, through magic actions, the goddess Isis was able for a while to return to the life of Osiris and to conceive his child.To avoid death at the hands of murderous Seth, she hid with her son Horus born in the Nile Delta.It was there, healing wounds and bites, which awarded her child numerous reptiles and insects, Isis instilled in his son a love of good and hatred of evil.Goddess poured into the soul of Mount sense of justice, but do not forget about revenge for Seth murdered father and husband.

This period marked the beginning of the life of Isis that it came to be revered as a healer and protector.In a great number of myths and legends about the confrontation of Horus and Seth found and the name of the goddess.In them, she always comes to the aid of his beloved son, saving him from possible death.Having overthrow the treacherous ruler on the throne of the Egyptian kingdom ascended Gore.