Russian heroic epic

If myths are sacred knowledge, the heroic epic of the peoples of the world - this is important and reliable information about the development of the people as expressed in the form of poetic art.Although developing an epic myth, but it is not always the same sacred, because in the transition is a change in the content and structure of the narrative.An example is the heroic epic of the Middle Ages or the epic of ancient Russia, expressing the ideas of social justice, praising the Russian heroes, protecting people and praising distinguished people and related great events.

In fact, the Russian heroic epic epics became known only in the XIX century, and until then it was the popular "old" - poetic songs in praise of the life history of the Russian people.The time of their addition, some researchers attribute to X-XI centuries - the period of Kievan Rus.Others believe that it is a later genre of folk art and relates it to the period of the Moscow State.

Russian heroic epic embodies the ideals of courageous and devoted to their old heroes, fighting the enemy hordes.Mythological sources include the later epic, describing heroes such as The Magus, Svyatogor and the Danube.Later, the three heroes - famous and loved by the defenders of the Fatherland.It

- Nikitich, Ilya Muromets, Alyosha Popovich, who represent the epic period of the Kiev Rus.These antiquities reflect the history of the formation of the city and the reign of Vladimir, to whom the service of warriors and went.In contrast, the Novgorod epics of this period are dedicated to blacksmiths and psaltery players, princes and nobles farmers.Their heroes amorous.They have a quirky mind.It - Sadko, Mikula, which are bright and sunny world.In his defense is at its outpost Ilya Muromets and leads a patrol from the high mountains and dark forests.He fights against evil forces for good in the Russian land.

Each character has its own epic character trait.If Ilya Muromets heroic epic gives enormous strength, such SVYATOGOR then Nikitich, in addition to the strength and courage is an outstanding diplomat, able to defeat the wise serpent.That's why Prince Vladimir instructs him to diplomatic missions.In contrast, Alyosha Popovich cunning and savvy.Where Silushka it is not enough, there he was cunning in dealing admits.Of course, these are generalized images of heroes.
Epics have a fine rhythmic organization, and their language is melodious and solemn.As artistic means are present epithets comparisons.Enemies are presented ugly, and Russian characters - grand and sublime.

folk epics do not have a single text.They were transmitted orally, so varied.Each epic has several options that reflect specific themes and motifs areas.But miracles, characters and their transformation in different versions saved.The fantastic elements, werewolves, resurrected heroes are transferred on the basis of the historical representation of the people of the outside world.Definitely, all the epics written during the time of independence and power of Russia, so the era of antiquity is here conditional time.