How to learn Japanese on their own from scratch?

Probably many of today's people are now concerned with the question of how to learn Japanese language itself.The reason for the need arises, in principle, be explained quite simply.Who would refuse the first to know about updates to the world's most advanced technologies?That's right, a few.Here are produced they are often just in Japan, which means that instructions and manuals in the first place do not go in Russian or English, and the local system of complex characters.

Why do many strive to learn Japanese language itself?Not it would be easier to enroll in any courses or to find a professional tutor?At first glance, certainly easier, but it's only if you're lucky enough to live or study in a large city, for example, in Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg and Minsk.But in the more modest settlements pick up such a specialist is almost unreal.Or it do not exist, or for the services it requests cosmic amounts of money.

This article will describe in detail how to quickly learn the Japanese language alone.The reader will get step by step instructions that will necessarily come to the rescue in the implementation of this difficult, but it is achievable dream.

Is it possible to learn Japanese on their own?

Konishua or Japanese - is quite interesting and quite unusual dialect, which is definitely worth learning at least in order to be able to read Japanese manga book without translation or communicate with Japanese friends - bearers of a unique culture.

Many people wonder how to learn Japanese on their own home or even possible?The answer is unequivocally yes.However, those who decided to succeed, will have to show considerable perseverance in this difficult, but very fun.

However, we will not hide, learning Japanese can not take place as smoothly as we would like.Why is that?The thing is that it has nothing in common with Western languages.Terms of the alphabet and dialect complex, but the basic phrases, pronunciation and grammar are quite easy to remember, even for beginners, so they do not master the huge amount of work.

Those interested in how to learn the Japanese language alone, experts recommend starting with a study of useful and common phrases, and then gradually move on to more complex tasks, such as learning the alphabet and Japanese sounds.

Local ABC

This dialect has more than one alphabet, and as many as four, each of which has its own grapheme.This fact alone may deter those who wondered how to learn Japanese language itself.

Indeed, his study - it is not an easy.As a consolation, we can note that in any Japanese alphabet present basic sounds, which are only 46. By the way, each alphabet has its own scope, so confused, most likely, will not have to.

  • Hiragana is used especially for writing.In syllabic writing, each symbol of the alphabet represents a syllable, including both vowels and consonants.
  • Katakana - it is also a syllabary, but it is used solely for recording onomatopoeic and foreign words.
  • Kanji third alphabet consists of characters that Japanese borrowed from China.

way, hiragana and katakana are the phonetic letter denoting sounds.Kanzdi same way considered ideographic writing, and each character has its meaning.There are several thousand characters, of which only two thousand widely used.In addition, it should be noted that the widely used kanji and hiragana katakana sounds.

role in the development of Latin Japanese

fourth Japanese Latin alphabet is considered that in Japan called "romaji".This fact can not surprise those who wondered how to learn Japanese on their own from scratch.It would seem, well, what attitude may have accustomed us to the Latin complex hieroglyphics of the rising sun?

However, in today's eastern states, it is widely used to record acronyms, names of the different brands, brands, companies, and so on.

note that people began to study the Japanese language to quickly get used to the local accent characters often use it romaji, although locals in Japan do not do that.Why is that?The fact is that, among other things, the Japanese language consists of a set of characters that are difficult to pronounce, and can not be written in Latin letters, so it is best to go directly to the study of hieroglyphs.This approach is considered more competent from a linguistic point of view.

How to learn the Japanese language alone.Generates the correct pronunciation

As we noted above, in the Japanese language there are 46 basic sounds, which are represented by any one of the five vowels, or a combination of vowels and consonants.Exception - a single sound, which consists only of consonant.

from the phonetic point of view, even before they learn Japanese on their own, should pay attention to the fact that the vowel sounds are not amenable to flexion and pronounced differently.

Proceed to the pronunciation of sounds can be read and study hiragana and katakana characters.However, you must first focus on the intonation of pronunciation of different sounds.

Incidentally, we note that in the Japanese language can completely change the meaning of a word, if the emphasis is put incorrectly.And the same word only with a long vowel often has a very different meaning than with a short vowel.

Learn simple variation of Japanese sounds

Sometimes a letter to the Japanese characters dorisovyvayut small icons that indicate different pronunciation of the sound and completely change the meaning of the word.

It is worth noting that there are some rules of pronunciation of Japanese sounds: voiced consonants must be spoken in the intervocalic position with a solid attack and long vowel sounds are pronounced with a long pulling sound to indicate the difference in words.

Grammar: difficult, but possible

Many people wonder how to quickly learn the Japanese language without learning grammar.The answer: no way!The point is that whether we like it or not, but the basic rules still have to pay attention, that is. To. To learn how to write sentences will only knowledge of the structure of an adverb.

You do not want to speak like a robot, saying separate phrases out of context, is not it?In general, the Japanese language is very flexible and simple, in spite of all its complexity, and put the words of whole sentences not be easy even for a beginner.

way, not everyone knows that the Japanese proposal could not be subject to, t. To. It is not necessary.But at the end of the sentence should always be a verb acting as a predicate.

nouns do not have sort, and for most of them there is no category plural.As a consequence, Japanese verbs also have any kind of audio.

An important feature is the fact that behind the word in a sentence is always necessary to put the particles that fall into this lexical unit and point to the object, the subject, and so on.

personal pronouns, in contrast to the Russian language, are used only when required by politeness or compliance with certain formalities.

coach or a language school.Advantages and disadvantages of

How to learn Japanese from scratch?Why, in fact, begin?According to experts, first of all need to find records of Japanese audiourokov.They are in fact a great many, so every student will be able to pick up something on your own taste.

Once the basics are learned the Japanese language, you can move on to more difficult exercises.If you need to learn the Japanese language there just for fun, learning the language may be limited to the study of specialized CD-ROM.It will give the opportunity to learn the most common sounds of the phrase.

second way to mastering the Japanese language - writing courses at a language school or online lessons.It is for those people who are going to live or work in Japan, that is. To. Will provide a unique opportunity to learn to read and write.Under the guidance of a mentor, even the development of such a complex language will be faster and more correct.

most important aspect in the study of any language is knowledge of the alphabet, so it should be to learn as quickly as possible.Katakana and Hiragana, if desired, can easily be learned in a couple of weeks.For writing this is enough, they can be used to record almost everything.

kanji can be studied for several years, but the one who seeks to learn the language perfectly, will not regret the time spent.It is better to learn the words and phrases to help didactic cards.To study the kanji there are special cards, which include the procedure of writing kanji compound words and examples.

How to dive into the language environment at home

to recreate the world of small Japanese at home, you need to find a group of like-minded people, also engaged in the study of the Japanese language.Participation in certain communities will get used to the language, after some time you will be able without difficulty to distinguish in conversation some Japanese words, but it will improve the overall understanding of the Japanese language.

also need to make yourself familiar from Japan, which would be regularly language, call up and talk at least a half an hour a day only in Japanese.

professional linguists recommend daily read Japanese newspapers, magazines, novels, watching films and programs.The public sources of this material is usually enough.Through newspapers improve grammar, structure and actual words and stories will acquaint with artistic style.

Tips for beginners

Any language if they are not constantly watching and quickly forgotten, so learning should be paid at least half an hour every day.This is a difficult language, so even the Japanese themselves, living some time outside of Japan, are beginning to forget the kanji.

way, do not also come to Japan, pester talk surrounding informally as badly speaking foreigner there may not respond.Such is the local culture.

best to learn to speak from living people, because the word of the anime and manga at home is not exactly useful.

When learning a language it would be nice to watch the behavior of the Japanese people in a given situation, and of the same age and sex as the student of people.You must learn to take into account the context and local flavor.

Pursuing the question of how to quickly learn the Japanese language alone, do not need to also have high hopes for electronic gadgets and electronic dictionaries, since it makes no sense to buy them a man who does not know at least 300-500 characters.