Proffesii or profession?

Spelling - a delicate matter.We have to remember dozens of rules to write correctly.And "Word" does not always come to the aid and to highlight the red error.Writing many controversial better memorize the words by heart.This applies, in particular, the word "occupation".It is often written with mistakes, even the best students.There are two most common ways of writing the word "proffesii" or "profession".

emergence of the concept of "profession"

before appearing for a word, should have the notion that the word denotes.For example, the word "phone" at the end of the 19th century called the new invention - a device that can transmit sound at a distance.Before the advent of the device in the word was not necessary.

As and when there was the concept of "occupation"?The fact that the first people in society has always been a division of labor that is determined in part by the skills of the person, and partly - customs.The men engaged in hunting, fishing and farming, and women - the household and children.As the population increased, it became possible to use individual for the production of certain goods.So we began to isolate the profession in the modern sense of the word.There were herders, weavers, potters, musicians.

One of the first common occupations - a blacksmith.He studied everything that was associated with the processing of iron, it produces everything from nails to the sword.Joiner also, for example, to make any wooden items, ranging from doors and ending with wardrobes.At first, the whole family was helping the master and has been involved in the production of material goods.The next step is the division of labor, each determined to master a specific profile within the same profession.This is due to the fact that there will be more demand for certain goods.For example, some carpenters engaged exclusively in barrels, the other - the wheels, others - sleds, and so.. Thus the notion of occupation and human rights.

How did the word "profession"

It comes from the Latin word profiteor, which literally translates to "declare".It, in turn, is derived from the Latin prefix pro (for instead) and root fater i (recognize).If you walk to the PIE roots, then we arrive at the ancient * bha (talk).Values ​​profiteor following words:

  • loudly and publicly declare to speak openly;
  • openly claim to recognize themselves;
  • declare that any subject of their employment;
  • promise;
  • judge to file a hope for anything;
  • opened officially announce show;
  • to report for duty, sign up for military service.

every meaning of the word "profession" is one common feature: a public statement about anything.

cognate professus (a clear, recognized) gave life to the Russian word "professor".In ancient Rome professae they called prostitutes because they openly declared their kind of activity (second value profiteor ) .Another cognate Latin word - confessia (religion), but in our language "profession" and "confession" as such, of course, are not.

discussed in the Russian language the word migrated from Latin via French (fr. Profession) in the 18th century.But going linguistic border, it has acquired a slightly different meaning: "activity".In the century before any derivatives.Before the appearance of the word "occupation" to describe the type of activity the person used the word "craft".

Semantics word

Profession - a steady and relatively broad type of work, which provides a certain set of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, skills and work skills, and is a source of income.Circle occupations wide enough, they are divided into major categories: economic, technical, creative, educational, and others. Examples of certain professions: economist, manager, actor, accountant, builder, installer, teacher, translator.Possible use of the word: programmer by profession, to choose a profession, to change profession, a profession, women of the oldest profession.Related tokens in other languages ​​are Czech - profese, Polish - profesja.

Alternate Spellings

Not all know exactly how to spell the word "profession".Some write it like this: proffesii, others - the profession, the third - proffessiya, and fourth - Occupation.The most commonly used first two options.Those who have developed a spelling intuition, understand that the doubling of some consonants should still take place, but should not be excessive, so weed out the third and fourth options.There are, obviously, and those who, instead of unstressed "o" writes "a": prafessiya, but in this case there is a verification cognates - pro'fi that brings clarity.

In this case remains an open question.Proffesii or profession?And why so and not otherwise?


main dilemma is this: proffesii or profession . We must understand this once and for all.So after all how to spell the word profession?

with one "F" and two "C": the profession.

Why are there errors?

Misleading introduces probably sound of the word.Someone heard the double "f".The sound in the word soft and dull, and some tend says his drawl, and therefore gives the impression that the letter should not be alone.This is the cause of doubts about how to spell the word "profession".But it does not always have to rely on your own pronunciation.

As for the double "s" for writing, it really is due to the pronunciation of a long consonant.In general, many consonants etymon can save longitude in the articulation of the Russian language in varying degrees.This depends on their location in the word.There are weak and strong position to double consonants.If the sound is in intervocalic position after stressed vowel, such a position is considered strong, and the length is maintained, and in writing.

If you compare the English word profession and the Russian "occupation", according to the just is in a strong position, and therefore need to write two letters "a" .

Etymology to help

Since the word is borrowed, it is logical to assume that it must meet its etymon.But this is not always the case.Firstly, many of the words from the temporary loss of a double letter in the Russian language.Secondly, the controversial question is, what kind of language is a source.Very often one and the same word even related languages ​​written in different ways.Here are some examples: Russian "group" is written in German gruppe, the French - groupe, English - group.Rukovodstvovtsya If only this rule, how to know what language it is necessary to be guided?

However, with the word "profession" going smoothly: in all languages, it is spelled with one "f" and the double "a": profession (Eng.), Profession "(fr.), Professio (Lat.). In this particularthe case can safely be based on the source language. Now the question is how to write - proffesii or profession, finally resolved.

root word

Unlike its Latin counterpart, discussed the word consists of two morphemes: root "profession" andthe end of the "I". The initial letter "about" prefix are not. The end can be determined by changing the words on the case and number: profession, occupation, profession, professions, occupations. The root of the word profession is part of the basis of several other words: professional, professional,professionalism, professor, pro. The first three are formed suffixed way, the last - the truncation of the base. However, whether the word "professor" and "profession" same root - a moot point. Some linguists believe that they have long lost common sense.

Similar meaningfully tokens

synonym to the word profession is easy to pick up.A number of similar meaning words are not poor: specialty, craft, work, rank, occupation, vocation, work, labor, skills, business, profile.Not everyone is a wholly synonymous.For example, the word profession involves complex skills and knowledge gained in the training process and confirmed accordingly.That is, in other words, a trade must be documented, and the profession can be purchased and in practice, without any special training.If you simply, the Special speaks to people who attended, and the profession - whom he is working at a given time, and this can have different fields of activity.But mostly listed above is each token can be used as a synonym to the word profession .

So, after reading this article, you can once and for all to remember spelling of the word "profession": it is spelled with a "p" and two "with" .