As fermenting cabbage in store

«cabbage you - God forbid anyone" - was fond of saying the hero of one of the favorite comedies.And this is no accident: what could be better as a snack during a party (except cucumber!) Or additions to the salty boiled potatoes.But what to say, sauerkraut for the Russians is of particular importance.A separate theme - the healing properties of the product.In other words, let everyone know how fermenting cabbage, this is no big deal.

traditional pickling

This basic recipe with a long history, which is based on all the innovations in the field of harvesting pickles.The only problem - the ability to beautifully shred cabbage and carrots.Optionally do high volumes: this wonderful vegetable is available all year round, so you can regularly replenish their reserves.Now, down to business:

  • Before fermenting cabbage, it is necessary to prepare all the ingredients: two large strong head of cabbage, carrots cleaned, average - about six or seven, bell pepper, bay leaf, salt.
  • Cabbage finely shred.Carrots
    can be finely chop the strips, but you can grate the carrots to Korea.
  • Next to a large cup of cabbage punched with salt (5 kg - 120 g of salt a large, in any case, not an extra and not iodized).Those who have experience in how fermenting cabbage, know that very hard to knead it is not necessary, or cabbage will become too soft.
  • Carrots mixed with cabbage, all lightly punched again.Finally, add a small handful of peppercorns, about six or seven laurel leaves, all mixed.If you wish, add cumin or fennel seeds.
  • The resulting product is placed in a pan, a tub, glass jar and well compacted.

capacity and cabbage should be put on a tray or in a cup that is wasted the precious juice that will rise for a second day and could overflow.It is necessary to collect and add back to the cabbage, when the level decreases juice.Some days are pickling in the room, and then transferred to a cool product.It is important that the cabbage was coated precipitated juice.If it is not enough, you can pour a little salt solution (1 tablespoon of salt per liter of boiled water ostuzhennoy).By the end of sauerkraut should be pierced several times with a stick or skewer to out gas.

How ferment cabbage for winter in brine

This is also a popular method.Although the true connoisseurs do not recognize the so salted cabbage.Firstly, there is the precious natural juice of sauerkraut, which is itself a medicine.Secondly, for the speed, enhance flavor, preservation of many beautiful white color is added to the brine vinegar and other spices.Nevertheless, it is also a good way of how to ferment cabbage recipe will not be superfluous.

need for brine: 1 liter of water - 2 tbsp of salt and 1 tablespoon sugar.Cabbage shred and mixed with additives as in the conventional method, and placed in a fermentation tank.Water with salt and sugar boiled and allowed to cool.Someone pours boiling water even, but then the condition more difficult to achieve crisp.Unless, of course, do not experiment with vinegar, which is undesirable.Two or three days, the cabbage was kept at room temperature, when a foam top spoon purified cabbage punctured taper rod to out gas and bitterness, jar or pot then removed in a cellar or a refrigerator.

Useful tips on interesting

Our grandmothers sure to put the cabbage for souring peeled stalks, and it turned out delicious.But now it is better not to do: it is in the cobs are collected all sorts of nitrates and nitrites.If

shift sauerkraut green apples, get another and extremely tasty pickled apples.

Before fermenting cabbage, it is necessary to look at the moon.If it is growing - you can get down to business, cabbage get a tasty and crunchy.They say that women during menstruation is not desirable to do this dish cabbage will be flabby and gray.