How to bathe a baby

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Since the birth of the children will have to learn a countless amount of information and gain invaluable experience to grow viable and successful people.Likewise, the child's body will have to overcome a lot of difficulties and obstacles and learn a lot.

Even thermoregulation formed gradually, and it is also possible to "educate".The main task of the parents - the right approach to child care.First of all, this applies to water procedures.Skin child's body is very delicate and sensitive to external influences, which requires careful and cautious attitude.The low level of acidity of the baby's skin is not able to resist the harmful microorganisms, so skinny - an integral part of daily hygiene.

From birth, children are friendly to all the outside world, including to the water.In order not to spoil the first impression, and to instill a child a sense of anxiety in relation to the water procedures, parents need to competently and sometimes creatively approach to the process of swimming.Beautiful and soft bathrobe and soft towel - it is certainly a big advantage when caring for a child, but the main role is given to the parents.

Where to start?Of course, a reflection of all the details and prepare for bathing.So you do not have to run around the room in search of diapers or a comb, you need to prepare everything in advance.Over time, every family formed its own "swimming" set, but usually there are: diapers and / or towel, a thermometer for water, sponge, cotton buds, cosmetics (powder, baby cream, lotion, soap, shampoo, etc..), diapers (if needed) and clean clothes.

Many people wonder where to bathe.Newborn bathed in a separate bathtub for children, older kids (some parents start with 4-5 months) you can try to wash in the shower.Thoroughly washed adult bath is usually used after years old.A separate item for many considered the bath.In adults, it certainly has a positive effect, since it helps cleanse the body.But for the children, such a procedure is not necessary, especially if you consider the fact that the body of a child hypersensitive to heat.Unambiguous physiological contra-how and recommendations about the baths there, but this issue should be approached carefully to all - such procedures, even some adults can not be accepted.

Keep in mind that any change of conditions can cause a baby's anxiety or anxiety, so in such cases (if swimming is happening elsewhere or otherwise) it is important to be very careful not to frighten the child: smooth and slow movements, bodily contact withparents, kind words, poems or songs, etc.

Newborns usually bathe without wool, a little later, you can use a soft terry-cloth or mitten.A sponge sponges generally not recommended for use in children's bath - they perfectly reproduce all kinds of bacteria.

One of the main issues - how to bathe.Of course, much depends on the circumstances and the child's behavior, but there are general guidelines.Begin water treatment, usually from a few minutes: the first six months, the duration of swimming is typically less than 10 minutes.For a year, you can spend half an hour water procedures, as in this age swimming is becoming a fun game.

water temperature should be under constant supervision.For the very small tub should be between 36.5 - 37.5? C, otherwise, instead of calming effect you will get an invigorating.Recommended temperature when bathing - 24? C.

After bathing well wrap the child in a towel or wear a bathrobe children.Babies diaper fit (even two: the second - spread out on the table), especially if it is pre-heated.It is important to know that children's skin should be slightly wet, but do not rub.Moreover, special attention should be paid to the folds that there is still moisture, especially if the baby is in diapers.

Calmness and confidence of parents - the key to a successful and healthy bathing baby.

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