Battle of Normandy - D-Day

Enormously heavy and bloody defense of Stalingrad by Soviet troops, as well as continued successful operation in the spring and summer of 1943 turned out victorious Wehrmacht and the strongest military force in the world in the retreating army.In the middle of the offensive, the initiative finally passed into the hands of the Red Army.In turn, the Allied landing in Normandy forces marked the final stage of the Second World War ended the final defeat of Hitler and the occupation forces in Germany.

Tehran Conference and the preparation of the Second Front

In late 1943, the Soviet army was close to the final release of its own pre-war territories and direct entry of its military forces on the territory of European countries.The participation of Western allies in the war up to that time was a part of only the diversion of German troops themselves (primarily "Luftwaffe", participated in the Battle of Britain), and providing material support to the plan of the USSR Lend-Lease.However, the successes of the Soviet army in the battle opened for her tempting (and joyless for Western leaders) the prospect of socialist regimes throughout liberated Europe.In these circumstances, the leaders of Britain and the United States became a tough question on its own offensive in Europe, the result of it was the landing in Normandy.

It is not surprising that the topic was one of the most controversial at the Tehran Conference (28 November - 1 December 1943).In particular, Winston Churchill stubbornly insisted on opening a second front in the Balkans, which allowed the West to take part in the occupation of Eastern Europe.However, the unwavering position of Stalin, Roosevelt and intransigence lengthy discussions led to an agreement, what happens landing in Normandy in May 1944.The operation was codenamed "Overlord."In turn, the Soviet leadership has promised after the final defeat of the Wehrmacht to wage war against the Japanese Kwantung Army in the east.

D-Day - the day of the Normandy landings

It was June 6, 1944.Numerous forces allied troops crossed the English Channel, landed in northern France, and launched an offensive on German positions.This was preceded by a military air operation Allied, which resulted in the destruction of almost all the plants of fuel in the region.This was done to ensure that the German tanks and other motorized forces were not able to resist.Battle of Normandy had as its main objective the creation of a springboard for further advance inland.By the evening of June 6 Anglo-American form were able to take a favorable position, despite the desperate resistance of the Germans.Create a springboard lasted until the twentieth of July.The second phase of "Overlord", which began in late July, was the breakthrough on the French territory, its freedom and access to the French-German border.The landing of troops in Normandy was the most ambitious amphibious operation in history.