Education in Russia

Essay on the topic: "The problem of education in today's Russia."

Education - a purposeful cognitive activity on the acquisition of knowledge or skills to improve them.In the words of the famous French writer Denis Diderot: "Education gives a person dignity, and the servant becomes aware that it is not born to slavery."Education is one of the most important in human life.Mind, this is what distinguishes us from other creatures, the ability to analyze and draw conclusions, to accumulate more and more knowledge about the world.Discovering the unknown and not conceivable to build, it makes the heart beat faster to the discovery of new scientific laws, making our lives more interesting and entertaining.It allows us to escape from everyday activities and plunge into the sea of ​​discovery and research.In the words of the Greek philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero: "To live - means to think."Without mental thinking man - an animal that has no soul;living by the laws of nature, guided by the desires, instinct

s and reflexes.Abandon all knowledge, scientific publications of books for centuries to create enthusiasts who believe in the infinite power of knowledge, and that in the future the world will be a place not fools and blockheads;to doom humanity to the mass extinction, as once the dinosaurs.But death did not come by the will of God, but by the stupidity of the human race.

During the reign of Emperor Nicholas the Second literacy in the Russian Empire was very low for a country that has long been flowing into the industrial era.Since the establishment of the USSR and the revolution of 1917, education has been given priority, as for the construction of socialism, communism, you need a smart and educated population.As Lenin said: "... our school is to give young people the basics of knowledge, skills to develop themselves communist views, must make educated people.It should, but as long as people in her study, make them participants in the struggle for emancipation from the exploiters.The first step of the authorities - is to create a commission to combat illiteracy in Russia.The program included: the construction of grammar school and face points where trained illiterate and semi-literate people of all ages and social classes;the establishment of special compulsory courses for teachers, held once a year.After all, create a powerful economic, political and social development of States postponed without running the education system, it is simply impossible.In the fall of 1923, it was created by the All-Russian voluntary society "Down with Illiteracy".The main problem, which met the state, was the situation with the so-called street children who have lost family and did not have his own place of residence.The problem was solved by the formation of the commission, working to improve the lives of children and literacy.Already by 1935 the mass homelessness has been eliminated.Since then, the country has covered education fever.People are drawn to knowledge, especially since the country has created all conditions for a good and most importantly, quality education.While in the territory of our state functioned huge number of vocational schools, colleges and universities.According to the number of students is significantly superior to the Soviet Union, countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Japan.The census conducted in 1959 showed that illiteracy among the population of the country was almost completely eradicated.Rapidly developing science, and with it, the industry and the economy, while growing military power and prestige of the Soviet Union in the international arena.It was during the Soviet era were known the names of such as P. Landau, IE Tamm, AN Kapitza, NN Semenov, MV Keldysh, AN Tupolev, Korolyov From. P., Kurchatov IV, who achieved great success in the field of physics, chemistry, mathematics, aviation and rocket.Such a big leap in the development of science has allowed Russia to establish itself as the most educated country in the world.The key to this success has been adopted in 1977 constitution, enshrining the right of Soviet citizens to free education at all levels from primary to tertiary.

big step back to do public education system, after the signing of the agreement Bialowieza Yeltsin in 1991.If in Soviet times, our flourishing empire among the ten most educated countries in the world, now is on the 71 place, next to Saint Lucia, Albania and Macedonia.Honestly, our education today is going through hard years.Are too many problems that can not be solved modern government literacy rate in Russia for people from 9 to 49 years is 99.8%, higher than in the United States and the United Kingdom.But in fact, deeply acquainted with the Russian population, convinced of the infidelity of statistics.The country has only two million teenagers are illiterate, including 700,000 orphans, and the rest live in adverse conditions.Illiteracy every year becomes rampant, growing by 8-10%.A large number of Russians believe that the school now studying expensive.All because of the fact that the state allocates too little money going to the external improvement of school facilities, so parents do not want their children to learn in dirty and ugly classes, thereby doing a lot of donations in favor of the needs of the school.Also in the commercialization of education, made the Russian secondary and higher education one of the most expensive in the world.An equally important problem is the low level of teacher training.Many of them do not know how to find the right approach to the student, can not be interested in his subject, which is why schools often have conflicts;pedagogical skill almost absent.There is no international recognition of the Russian Standards of secondary education, therefore, graduates of our domestic schools can not directly enroll in foreign universities.Our education has become very uncompetitive, it can not provide the native power intelligent and well-educated people.Before, we were proud of how we have evolved and taught mathematics, physics, chemistry.But now we are no longer leaders, at the height of the Netherlands and Sweden, is that directly concerns mathematics and in physics and chemistry, which requires huge financial investments: buy the latest, expensive equipment and rare reagents, hiring young and talented professionals who,Unfortunately, very little.The quality of education is going down, goes down, soon we can get closer to the critical point, and when the economy starts to crumble, and not far off a default that could have recently announced our state.Only then did the government stirred up, he runs, try something else to change, spend a few hastily unnecessary reform, but it's too late.

There are two kinds of reasons for the decline of education in the country.First - this is personal.Pupils of little interest to read textbooks, do homework, let alone self-education.Here at least fulfill the basic rules of behavior in schools.All because of the emergence of mass distractions such as computers, followed by children sitting for hours;festivities with friends the night before;drinking, drug addiction, teenage prostitution.Yes, it existed before, but in our time, these classes get enough wide resonance.Ironically, the same passion for sports is not mentally enlightens man.Now the sport is popular, it has been almost a quarter of our population, from there are negative results, it is, of course, with regard to the state of education and literacy of the general situation in Russia.According to the majority of students, after school they will not be useful knowledge, and without it they can succeed (success meant acquired under the big money capital).But the fact is that to become a businessman, and their own business, without a higher education is impossible.How can you manage people, if he can not cope with it - make yourself at least once in their life read a book, this is unlikely to become worse.To have your own business, shop or restaurant, you have a good understanding of it.And not abum: I want to order something to something, but I have no idea what these things are.Many people do not think about the future, what will happen after this free, easy life;secure in the knowledge that their parents can help them to settle in the future continuation, and even if you can not find a job, then there is always a family home where you like, and always waiting in vain they think.It is, at best, and at worst simply find yourself on the streets without shelter and money, without any help from loved ones, because everyone will be on you to spit in a year other best friends, with whom you once had fun, and maybeeven helping out in a difficult moment, forget about your existence when you meet them budish fall into an awkward position, reminding some tramp or "homeless" envy them her fate, citing contempt of God, bad luck, an unpleasant combination of circumstances. In my heart understandingthat made a huge, fatal, fateful mistake of not going to school, cursing the days when truant, or do not go to school classes. If you understand this then, another man was coming to the people.

secondview of the reasons - the constitutional or state. The main problem is not matching the article "rights and freedoms" and the law "On Education", which states that each student must reach a certain level of education regardless of ability and desire, it does not fitover of the article.Most importantly, the failure to comply with the constitutional requirements for the receipt of secondary education, no liability is not provided.It is this defect in the constitution, are students, to enroll in school, learning the extent of their desires.Everyone chooses, learn it or not.Unfortunately, in today's Russia all students realize this principle.In economic terms, it is simply wasted material investments.The solution to this problem - is the revision of the constitutional rules, by adding a paragraph on administrative and even in some cases criminal liability for not achieving national educational standards.Equally problematic is the situation with this funding, both higher and secondary education.Funding for schools is carried out, the release of the material means to advance the planned number of students.If students miss part of the school day, the money allocated to their training, are unnecessary and should be returned to the law, and because of this reduced budget for schools, reduced teaching staff, reduced educational level of students, and so on. D .. Therefore, in allschools have a shameful practice at inflated grades to leave a cash investment in schools.One solution to this problem - the creation of commission to verify the real knowledge and capabilities of students and to monitor the overall visit lessons.And if the school will continue to falsify the evaluation of children, the administration of the institution is obliged to pay a fine.In the Russian Federation there is a real opportunity to get a complete and superior quality secondary and higher education.But if people do not want to take advantage of this gift, then they should not be forced, forced to learn the lessons, or go to school.From this overall situation does not change, and wakes up only continue to grow.This is the real reason, available today, problems.

problems significantly visible, we know their causes and consequences, but what makes modern power.What reforms and projects in the field of education will be realized, and which already exist at the moment.This problematic topic I want to touch, of course, superficial.The first thing you need to write - is the Bologna process.For those who are not privy to the secrets of "Masonic organization", and so - a process to create a single, tight system of education among the countries of Europe, in the framework of the Bologna agreement.Its purpose is to secure the approval of the joint foreign and Higher Education.Now a bit of historical references.At the end of the 20th century, there was a problem with the development of science (the spiritual realm), the pop-up because of the separation of university education, which pushed for the establishment and the signing of the twenty-nine countries of the Bologna Declaration in 1999, in a building of the Ministry of the eponymous Italian city.The agreement consolidated the voluntary participation of all the countries of Europe.Russia also joined later, in September 2003, at the Berlin Conference.The participants of this process are almost all states, kingdoms and principalities in the European part of the continent, except for San Marino and Monaco.In the vast expanses of the Russian Federation, following the accession to the Bologna Process, an unpleasant problem: poor, lack of awareness of officials about the basic situation in the country and the European education and the goal of the Bologna process the majority of students do not understand;there is some confusion with educational programs, general education units, such as the "master", "Doctor of Science", "Bachelor".Imagine for example, if the Russian diplomas of higher educational institutions will be recognized in Europe, of course, our students will be easier to find a job, but it could lead to an outflow of highly skilled professionals from his native country, and later to the shortage of skilled workers in the field.Oh, and quality, of which we have so little, because my country sent the most intelligent and talented representatives of our highest national school.But in principle, the Bologna process has given the country a boost in the right to education, by changing the current system.

It seems to me unfortunate and rash, is a plan of the Ministry of Education, adopted in 2009 on the reduction in the institutions' budget places ".The Government believes our country too provide students who have completed high school 1.2.This is all the dreams and delusions, lies and pobornichestva fathers who have a surplus, but the educated people, we will always need.Such subjectivity trims our constitutional freedom, to free education.

Is that related to the reform of higher education, but the schools are scheduled no less important, momentous projects to reorganize its entire system.So one of the most important reforms is the transfer of secondary education for a fee.The state plans to pay only three lessons in the morning, but otherwise all the classes are not free.It is also possible, the organization of lessons on presentation and discussion of the future of the profession in the territory of the enterprise with which the director has concluded an agreement, but such activities would be funded at 30%, the rest to be paid from the school coffers, which is already "at the seams bursting on the amount of money insideit. "But the most striking that about half of the children will not be able to receive a full education, due to lack of material means of their parents.And just the currents in this part of intently, most gifted, smart, willing to learn, and children.Therefore, get a good education the children of wealthy corrupt and violent thugs.Now imagine that in the future all countries will manage their offspring, which is no better.However, almost the same situation now in the country, but not so massive.

In the recent time, a well-known Honored Russian Education Minister, Andrei Fursenko, at the board meeting, proposed the introduction of the exam, after the undergraduate degree.As his fame, this is a good, rewarding experience for the state.The purpose of this experiment is to reveal the real quality of the education at the university.According to this test will be seen training colleges in Russia.Explicit supporters minister spoke positively about the entered innovate, but the students and the rector of the institute do not see the relevance and usefulness of this idea.

When Russia will cease to be a testing ground dangerous, caustic tests and experiments.When a country comes time consistency, these dramatic intervention just pour gasoline on the building caught fire, the educational institution.