Portfolio pupil primary school: working together and stimulate the development of

If your child has started school, you probably already faced with the need to create a so-called portfolio.Often it is already beginning to form a kindergarten.What is it?This document is issued in the form of files in a folder on the rings, telling the student, their interests, achievements, creativity.Portfolio allows teachers and schools to collect the most complete information about the students and get to know them not only so, what they see in the classroom.For parents, it is a chance to be a little closer to a growing person and help him in the process of self-knowledge, and setting and achieving goals.And for most student - an opportunity to express themselves clearly and to track their own progress.

to start for themselves specify which sections and subsections will contain a portfolio of student elementary school.As a rule, there is strongly recommended class teacher theme.If there are no recommendations, here's a sample list of what is desirable to include in a portfolio:

-Titulny sheet with basic personal information and contact information of the school

- Section 1. All that is related to the personality of the student, his school, hisfamily.Together with your child think about what he would like to tell you about myself;Discuss what you can write about family members, find out what the child knows about his grandmothers, great-grandmothers.Podyschu family photos;get the general picture class.Did you learn something new about the relationships within the class.On the first page devoted to the child, you can specify, for example, its growth, and to see how he grew up;palm circle or just choose photos from different periods.

- Section 2: Data on performance.Check with the classroom teacher, the form in which they draw better.It also can be driven response from the teachers, and the results of tests (as well as medical records, they can be granted only with your consent!)

- Section 3. Art, sports and other achievements, no matter whether they are connected with the school.Portfolio Students should focus not only on its current results.For older children on a special page next to the column of the current skills can be provided under 'What I want to learn. "Together, discuss what your child wants to achieve.Increase reading speed up to ...?Learning to play the guitar?Swim in the pool until the end of the track?Help your child set realistic goals, store them in the portfolio and work together on them.Then the portfolio will be able to fully realize their motivating function.

So you decided about the contents of your portfolio elementary school student.Equally important is its form, "face" of the student.It is clear that the younger your pupil, the greater the contribution of parents in making his presentation.If you want to win this competition creative parents have to try.How to make a portfolio of the student?There are two main ways: to save time and ready to take advantage of an elementary school student portfolio or completely do it yourself.For the independent production you will need a basic knowledge of the use of graphics editors (or their desire to learn, simultaneously gaining valuable honey agaric), or a set of half-forgotten skills and stationery design photo books and school wall newspapers.The latter option is time-consuming, but pursues multiple objectives: you can bring the whole family at the same time, spending evenings with a lot of interesting.

finished elementary school student portfolio contains beautifully decorated sheets of standard headers, you can only upload a few photos, and enter the required data.The disadvantage of this way: small degree of participation of the child and the risk of being the third pupil with exactly the same folder.In some cases, use of the finished form will still have to if the school insists on uniformity and use of, for example, the school of symbolism.In any case it is necessary to allow the child to draw some of the pages, for example, gluing stickers with your favorite characters and help you with the selection of samples of their creative works.Whatever the formal requirements, must always be freedom of expression and most importantly - your overall work with the child, aimed at strengthening your relationship and help him to manage tomorrow more than today.