Payment of maternity

With the approaching release dates on maternity leave, women try to find answers to many questions that relate to the conditions of their future life, expectations and plans.By the time when it is 30 weeks, begins to disturb them and payment of maternity.This payment shall be made on the basis of registration of release, which is available for the period of pregnancy, starting at 30 weeks and ending after childbirth.

usually at the thirtieth week of pregnancy, a woman brings a medical certificate from a women's clinic, and then wrote a statement on vacation whose duration is 140 days.Standard prenatal leave is 70 days if the expected one child, and 84 days in the case of twins.

If you know how to maternity payment is made, you can plan your future costs in advance, which are connected with the forthcoming completion of the family.For benefits can expect any pregnant woman leaving prenatal leave.The law stipulates that the maternity payments made by the state in such categories of citizens, as worke

rs, students, soldiers, and laid-off due to liquidation of the company, followed by registration at the employment center.The manual is not assigned to categories such as non-working women, as well as those who are not a member of the employment center registered.

Since January 2011, maternity benefits calculation is carried out according to the new rules, according to which provides two ways to charges: taking into account the average salary for a year during the period of 1 or 2 calendar years.When making statements required on a mandatory basis specify your preferred method of accruals.

payment of maternity for working women on the schemes and terms similar to the process of obtaining salary.Before that she was paid by a transfer of funds to a bank card, the allowance will be paid in the same way.The difference will be in terms of payment of maternity.State aid is given to the appointment of only 10 days, but the payment or transfer will be implemented in the next salary day.

If a woman knows how to maternity payment is made, it will be quite definitely know how much money and when it will be transferred.When calculating the benefits are taken into account the full amount of the average wage.As the only conditions include having worked for at least six months.In addition, there is a limitation, which concerns the maximum size of the grant.Maternity payment in 2012 was indexed by 6%.If you have less than the required time is taken into account the current size of the subsistence minimum.

In calculating the average daily earnings taken into account a number of payments, which were made for the accounting period, it is listed in the list of the Regulation on the calculation of benefits.In accordance with it are not taken into account travel, sick leave, holiday pay.Deduct not only the amount but also the periods for which these payments are made.In the calculation of the average daily income of maternity multiplied by the number of days in the decree, that is, 140.

Do not forget moms that besides the benefits they are entitled pregnancy and other payments.In 2012, the allowance for the fact that the pregnant stood at an early period on the account, ie before 12 weeks was 465.2 rubles.After birth, it is advisable to rely on allowance at birth.This allowance is paid to all new mothers regardless of whether they worked before.In 2012, the amount of this allowance is equal to 12,405.31 rubles.These payments are considered to be federal, but apart from them there are also regional, that in every region of the Federation shall be established separately.