How to fix a clubfoot in the child?

Clubfoot a child is a congenital or acquired pathology of the foot.In this disease heel flips inside or outside, the foot deviates from the longitudinal axis of the femur and tibia, and subsequently can take uncharacteristic in terms of physiology, the position when walking.Most often this disease is diagnosed in boys.

clubfoot in children.Causes

In medicine, this disease is considered as a serious malformation or traumatic deformity during the growth of the limbs.According to experts, the child's clubfoot is not added to the class of hereditary diseases.Even if other family members are affected by improper foot position, the risk of having a baby with this disease is about two percent.Its formation begins in the womb since about eight weeks if there is a violation of some of the muscles and ligaments.The reasons for this kind of course of events may be the following factors:

  • oligoamnios future mothers;
  • bad environment;
  • use of certain groups of drugs (narcotic origin);
  • work in hazardous industries;
  • infection in the early weeks of pregnancy.

clubfoot in children.Symptoms

Experts say that unnaturally curved outward, or, conversely, the inside foot visible to the naked eye.For mild forms of the disease is diagnosed, as a rule, doctors still in the hospital.More often than not achieve the correct installation of the foot is impossible because of the breach of motion.In some cases, a twisting of bones in the lower leg and the sole of unnatural form.Legs baby look like immature.It is noteworthy that define clubfoot baby can still, even in the womb using a special ultrasound skrinningovogo (second or third trimester).In the absence of timely treatment is high probability of a child's leg injuries, and even the spine.On the other hand, all of the first steps will be to deliver a lot of discomfort.

How to correct clubfoot in the child

Modern medicine offers a great variety of techniques to help deal with this problem.The choice of each depends on a combination of several parameters, including: the child's age, the cause of the clubfoot, the severity of the strain.In general, techniques are divided into a conservative and operational.So, for the first embodiment include massage with clubfoot in children, application of wax, gypsum and others.Operational method implies a surgery in which surgery is performed to correct the tendon.


Experts strongly recommend that the diagnosis of the disease to start treatment immediately.Otherwise, the child will suffer, and eventually cure the disease will not be easy.