Honor it ... or "Lost quality of human"

talk about honor can last indefinitely, especially given the fact that today is the quality of human nature very quickly dies.It is possible that soon the question of honor, dignity and valor will be a matter solely of the philosophy section.

This view is not as unfounded as it seems at first sight and the facts in support of multiple not only of modern history, but also the daily news.Turn the TV on any channel where the series show, a movie or even news reports.What do you see?Quite simply, even the honor of the uniform became a dead letter, because the army is gradually becoming a purely commercial organization, not to mention the less disciplined structures of society?

Characteristics and meaning

even paying attention to the very structure of the word, we can say that in the first place of honor - honesty to oneself, coupled with an increased sense of responsibility for their actions.We should not confuse this concept with others such as dignity, arrogance, pride, and others.For example, the phrase "does not permit honor" - is the most vivid example of the above.It implies that a person can not make this or that act, because it considers it improper, immoral or dishonest in relation to others.On the other hand, the honor - it is a kind of personification of pride when dealing with those that are considered worthy and fulfilling its mission.All of man's relationship to such a person is reflected in the expression "for me it is a great honor."

reasons "dishonor" or "Take care of the honor of his youth»

What is the reason that the knighthood was unpopular and even despised?After all, if the honor is the quality of the human soul, is exceptionally positive direction, it would seem, to him it is necessary to strive for.But from the time of the last knights who "died out", since, as the word of one person no longer bear the weight of the masses and the power
and craftsmanship of one hand were offset by the bolt, the honor is the lot of a few.The few who understand and know that the honor - it is an integral part of human dignity.

The few that until recently went into battle, defending the land that did not belong to them, and the people who sent them to their deaths, and their future, which for the majority did not come.So I do not say now, that honor - this is something that is inherent in everyone, or vice versa, because it lies dormant in every quality only as long as there is no need to prove it.Some such a need does not come never, someone is waiting for the right moment.But there is a special, real, who uses the informal "code of honor" entire adult life ...


Why did we come from?In talking about the human qualities very difficult to make a final conclusion and put the last point, if only because that does not happen the same people as there are no identical feelings and qualities.So, even in talking about the honor to be considered in the first place is not the person, and the environment in which he grew up, lived and died, and then will be judged for what he is something when something is not done.