Sarcasm - is it good or bad?

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existence in modern society presupposes the existence of an individual sense of humor - it is easier to "fit" into society.All topics - from politics to blondes - it is impossible to imagine without the ironic intervention.Favorite contact (sarcastic?), Traffic cops and deputies often becomes the subject of sarcastic jokes.

Sarcasm - a sarcastic statement, often having a positive color, but wearing extremely negative.So some times and can not "see" it.Usually sarcasm - it's a joke, which traced a significant difference between what is said and what is meant.It is also a way to ridicule reveals the true attitude of the speaker to the object of ridicule.

irony sarcasm characterized in that the latter is the most cruel.The irony - a small banter, while sarcasm - is deliberately sarcastic ridiculing shortcomings.And sarcasm konstrastno very distinguished appearance and meaning implication.Quite simply, sarcasm - a biting irony.It expresses a high degree of hatred and resentment.

use of sarcasm in journalism, poetry, prose, oratory, debate firmly established in our lives.This technique is widely used in literary criticism.Many writers use it in order to emphasize the negative social and political events.But we should not assume that the sarcasm from them - this is an open aggression.On the contrary, it can be regarded as a method of dealing with the "system".

line between sarcasm and irony is very easy to pass, but the ability to use the first substantiated more clearly express the idea.All your favorite Vladimir Mayakovsky and Faina Ranevskaya were masters of the word: they are sarcastic phrase still remembered and quoted people.They opened our eyes to existing problems "tasteful."Therefore, they did not like the government, so they are blamed and tried to destroy.Because it cling to people, because they were filming the veil "decency" and reveals the whole truth, the essence.

In modern filmography "king" of sarcasm said Dr. House from the same series.It is no different with sympathy for the patients and pours poison in all its magnificent sarcastic manner.

phrases sarcasm is not a humorous joke, which revealed a funny reality with a share of sympathy, and that has to itself.Comic sarcasm may not be pronounced, and resentment can be shown quite openly and assertively.

Sarcasm - this is a good policy of discontent and resentment.As a result, he may be able to save people from obscene speeches filled with outrage and eloquence.

Surprisingly, many are unable to recognize sarcasm.Though he is a sarcastic mockery, but often veiled under a positive judgment, so some may take it for irony or worse - for the praise or compliment.

use of sarcastic expressions of literature you can find reasonable, but in communicating with loved ones need to monitor the degree of sarcasm, so to speak.Often in youth circles of communication with mocking sarcastic remarks - it is usually the case.But they can humiliate and "trample on" self-esteem ridiculed.Therefore, you should not use this method with new and old friends receptive.