The oldest person in the world - how many years he lived?

Everyone wants to cheat time to prolong youth, to live a very long life.There is a whole list of people who have succeeded.Many of them were still alive in the Guinness Book of Records.

World statistics tells us that men live shorter lives than women.In this regard, it is logical, and that the oldest person in the world as a woman.

Jeanne-Louise Calment was born in 1875 in the south of France, in Arles.Her parents also lived nearly a hundred years.However, its descendants, these qualities are not transmitted.During the life she lost her daughter and grandson.

Jeanne-Louise at a young age was familiar with Vincent Van Gogh, who often came to the shop of her uncle.Later, she said that Van Gogh was very unpleasant, rude man.She witnessed two world wars and watched the construction of the Eiffel Tower.It was not August 4, 1997.At that time she was 122 years old.

The oldest man in the world after the Kalman - also a woman.American Sarah Knaus was born in 1880.She lived 119 years.Details of her life is virtually nonexistent.What is known is that she died in 1990 in a nursing home.

The oldest person in the world (2012) - is Beth Cooper.She was born in 1896 in the US state of Tennessee, in a large family, and was the third child.Successfully graduating from school and moved to the town Betuin, where she worked as a teacher.In the 28 years he married.At the time, she 116 years.She has four children, twelve grandchildren, fifteen great-grandchildren and one great-grandson.

The oldest person in the world among men born in Japan in 1897.His name Jiroemon Kimura.About forty years he worked as a postman.After retirement began to engage in agriculture.When he was 90 years old, his health deteriorated.Today, he rarely goes out.Nevertheless, he does exercises on a daily basis and is engaged on a stationary bike.Kimura likes to read the newspaper.It receives visitors, interested in politics and sumo.

title of "oldest man in the world" for some time been awarded the Christian Mortensen.He was born in 1882 and died at the age of 115 years in 1998.Christian was born in Denmark.Among the documents that have been preserved after the census of those years, there are proving date of birth, and even baptism.When Christian was 21, he moved to America.He changed jobs many times.He was married, but not for long.In all his life and has not had children.We know that he did not smoke and prefer other drinks water.The 90-year-old self-Mortensen moved to a nursing home, where he lived until his death.At the end of his life, Christian lost his eyesight and could move only with a wheelchair.After his death, it was not possible to find relatives.Apparently, by the time they left alive.Today, the title of "oldest man in the world" does not belong to Christian Mortensen.Nevertheless, it is the only native of Denmark, dozhivshim to these years.

These facts led to believe that there is no limit of human capabilities.The maximum age of the person increases with each generation.