What is swing?

The great Russian language often come words that cause a real stir in the unsophisticated society.One of them - the mysterious "swing", sometimes generating a wave of horror and indignation in the forums and in person intimate conversations.However, some, hearing this malovrazumitelny term rather stretched into a smile, anticipating the pleasure that they will fall in abundance.

So what is swing?And how in his short witty inflated such a long history with the dark labyrinths?Of course, Freudianism and sexual revolution had their effect on human minds.We first of all fix in his memory the moments of love-erotic content.Of all the lexical variation of the term, we distinguish the hard outlines and bold outline the exchange of sexual partners in pairs.Swing steam - is primarily a unit of society, ie the family.We are not talking about two random sexual partners who recklessly indulge in pleasures.No, on the contrary - it is characterized by a pair of uniformity, trust and deep relationship.Often, the swing goes the family, who have lived with each other for more than a decade and mature enough to to give their partner rent.Thus, the swing ratio implies a short exchange between pairs partner for sex.Well, a very original solution to the issue changes and excellent prevention of jealousy.

However, if you ask the question "What is swing?" Audiophiles, the answer is likely to be far from the sexual liberation.He tells you about Louis Armstrong and Benny Carter.Swing - one of the directions of jazz music, as well as the rhythmic pattern.Some experts say that the swing music - this is jazz, because it is inseparable from one another.A real professionals are convinced that swing - this feeling, without which no sound instruments and voices.Without swing jazz does not make sense, said Duke Ellington.

Boxer answer to the question "What is swing?" Side impact from a distance.Chance to stay on his feet after virtually none.Swing kick - the most powerful in combat practice, and in the modern boxing is almost never used except for his loyal fans.Too high acceleration time the hand - the enemy so many chances to orient in a situation and answer unexpected counterattack.Incidentally, the "finishing" this maneuver is perfect, as the exhausted enemy can easily be knocked out swing.

Lindy, Charleston, Balboa, Boogie Woogie - famous dance styles of the 20th century.These magnificent, sweeping, colorful, exciting dances are swing dancing.Yes, the dancers know what a swing and know a lot about it.Freedom, improvisation, interpretation, energy - these characteristics have conquered America.Swing dance fever spread rapidly around the world, embodies all the new and new genres.Over time, the fashion craze died down, but even now, here and there heard the echoes of extinct love that rises to his feet with their rhythms, even frail.About

swing will tell programmers, directors and even producers of trams.And every time the word will sound in triumph and triumph.Long live swing, peace and May!