The Chinese currency is the ruble.

Chinese currency is increasingly attracting the attention of investors, especially after such strong fluctuations of the ruble against the dollar and the euro.

ruble in the Chinese currency during 2014 deviated total of five to seven percent.Therefore, the stability of this currency for the preservation of capital is much more than the dollar or the euro.

What is the Chinese currency?The Chinese currency is the ruble

of the Chinese currency is between eight and a half to nine rubles for one yuan.

is designated as the Chinese yuan CNY.One yuan is composed of ten or a hundred fen jiao.In the thirties of the twentieth century began to produce silver coins.However, after the reform, silver coins were withdrawn from circulation and replaced with paper money.Binding to silver stopped and the yuan has been reoriented to gold.But the real gold at ensuring the yuan has not been.As a result, within a decade the yuan has fallen more than a thousand times in relation to the dollar.

In the late forties was another major reform in China, and the authorities have set the gold content of the yuan.The dollar was worth four yuan.But after the devaluation of the dollar at the end of the year was established at twenty yuan.

Since 1994, the dollar began to cost eight million yuan.But since 2005, China had decided to abandon the dollar dependence.The course has become established on the basis of several currencies.It was believed that through such activities, the national currency of China will become more sensitive to global currency trends, and strengthen the financial system as a whole.

As the global crisis of 2008, the decision was correct in 2005, and China's currency hit while less than some of the other currencies.The ratio of "China's currency to the ruble" in mid-2008 was three rubles forty kopecks.And by 2009, the yuan has cost five rubles.

Savings RMB

From 2005 to 2008 crisis, the Chinese currency against the ruble and all other currencies strengthened by about a third.This is due to a self-sufficient economy of China, a large percentage of exports, strict tracking of the RMB exchange rate the central bank, stabilization of the necessary conditions.Besides serving on the purchaser of energy resources to China is beneficial reduction in their prices.

financial policy is designed to further strengthen the national currency.Therefore, despite the strong fluctuations in freely convertible currency, the yuan becomes one of the most reliable currency for storing their savings.

forecasts foreign experts

In recent years, China's economic growth declined, so in 2015 expected some weakening of the position of the Chinese currency.

For example, the representative of Singapore bank said that in the second half of 2015 yuan exchange rate will decrease by two point three per cent.At the same time in Europe economists believe that by the middle of the year will be equal to ten yuan to one dollar and fifty seven cents (currently ten yuan is equal to one dollar and seventy cents).HSBC representatives indicate that the central bank will hold in the current year, two key rate cuts, which could weaken the yuan from three to four per cent.

forecasts of Russian analysts

Analysts in Russia on the other hand, believe that there are serious factors in which the ratio of the Chinese currency strengthened against the ruble and the yuan expects growth.It:

  • main buyers of Chinese goods is the United States and South Korea.Purchasing power in these countries is increasing, and so these countries could be directed to additional exports from China.

  • As oil prices have dropped significantly, the country will save considerable funds for the purchase of hydrocarbon.

  • Besides oil indicators, China can count on favorable prices for natural resources, by improving relations with Russia.

Because of these factors are believed to Russian analysts, mitigate the negative tendency of weakening of the yuan.And, most likely, the Chinese currency strengthened against the ruble, the dynamics of the yuan will rise in 2015.

Therefore, they recommend that investors and citizens with the purpose to save money, think about the yuan.The Chinese currency against the ruble today are so tied that Russia is now in some of the banks will be able to open a deposit in RMB.