Old age - How old?

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when a person begins to call the elderly?Everyone has their own point of view on this matter.Someone might say, with retirement or with the advent of grandchildren.However, there are specific medical standards by which human life is divided into several time periods.One of them is called old age, which is characterized by a number of features and changes in the human body: well-being, mood, character.Thus, old age - to what age does it start?

when old age begins?

Age - is a relative term.If a hundred - two hundred and fifty years ago were considered elderly, today these frameworks and standards significantly shifted.People are starting to live longer and marry later, have children, retire.And after seventy many are surprisingly active lifestyle, play sports, travel.Therefore, there is a dispute about old age - at what age does it start?

To avoid confusion, you can use the classification developed by the World Health Organisation.According to the latter, youth lasts from 25 to 44 years of maturity - from 45 to 60 and older age lasts from 60 to 75. Then comes the old age (90).Those who have turned 90 are considered to be long-lived.The elderly woman begins a little earlier - in 55 years.And last, as it is for men to 75. This should not be confused with the old age pension.It differs significantly from country to country.

So determining How old is considered old age, can see its main features and manifestations.

aging process

As is known, a person within its path are many stages of life, moving from one milestone to another.One of them is inevitably aging.And no matter how wanted to stay longer young, with age, the body begins to change, accompanying this process.However, they relate not only to physiology.

These changes are also psychological and social phenomenon.After all, on the way from youth to old age, and changes the character of the man and his role in life.All this together and accompanied by the onset of advanced age.

Physiological changes

first thing that brings old age, at what age it nor considered it inevitable changes being and appearance.Deteriorating structure of the skin and hair, wrinkles appear.In men, hair loss begins.Many have the problem of excess weight, or, conversely, its loss.This is due to changes in metabolism and lack of vitamins and minerals.

Those elderly are more prone to various diseases.This is due primarily to a decrease in immunity, and lack of efficiency of the organs and body systems, and therefore its vulnerability.First of all, suffer heart and blood vessels, kidneys, lungs and brain.Therefore, in old age begin to appear diseases such as angina, hypertension, chronic pyelonephritis.

Changing social roles

offensive elderly is associated with significant changes in various spheres of life.One of them - the family.Children grow up and give birth to their relationship, so over the years, their parents become grandparents.

changing position in society.But this could hardly get used by both men women.Age older man in Russia coincides with the pension, which means that I have another social role.Leaving the work becomes a factor that has important social consequences.First of all, changing social circle.

If the first person maintains contact with former colleagues, then they gradually weaken and are replaced by relationships within the family and other retirees.In addition, often a narrowing of the range of interests.The man gradually loses contact with the previous activity.And over time, interests are reduced to household and medical topics.

Retirement carries also the danger that a person may feel useless, worthless, which can lead to self-isolation.Well, if the relatives and friends support a pensioner during this difficult time.They have to convince the man that he needed and loved.

psychological state

There are specific psychological features of the elderly.In many ways they are related to the above-described physiological and social problems.The man begins to feel less strong, vigorous, agile, reduced memory and attention.Deteriorating health, and it can not affect the mood and psychology.

In addition, as noted by psychologists, with the age of a person weakens the ability to control your reactions.Therefore become more visible existing negative traits: irritability, obstinacy, self-centeredness.

Benefits elderly

On the other hand, old age, with how many years he had not begun carries a positive change.Man becomes wiser, more tolerant.Noticeable change in the attitude to the world and himself.Comes a cool head, it increases the value of life.Man begins to pay less attention to their appearance, and more - and the internal state of being.

To middle-aged people to listen more, because the elderly - is the one who "lived", and thus picked up the mind and experience.Therefore, the aging problem is not only, but also advantages.It is only important to learn to notice them.

Age - a state of mind

Knowing what is old age, with how many years in Russia and in other countries it is considered to be such, it is important not to forget that keeps a person young.

course, there are standards and age limits.But it is worth remembering that the aging begins not only the body, but also, first of all, the soul, and it sometimes becomes much more noticeable.It is often said that the age - a psychological condition.And old age comes when man begins to think seriously about it.After all, there are so many examples of people much older than seventy continue to actively engage in science, art, sport, travel and learn new things.And age does not become an obstacle!

So do not torment yourself with questions, with how many years of old age begins, and it is better simply to take and continue to enjoy life!The recipe is simple youth.Active and interesting life, communication with loved ones and pleasant emotions - are the ingredients of a magical elixir that will long to grow old.