How to cook corn, soft and juicy: a few secrets

Closer to the fall season begins corn.Fresh ears are very juicy and delicious, they taste like almost everyone.But the way it is prepared street vendors, remains in question.Better to find out how to cook the corn at home and enjoy without fear.A pair of simple steps - and a great side dish for the whole family is ready.It is important to not only know how to cook, but also to choose the cob.Consider the process in more detail.

make the right choice

Even if you know how to cook corn, soft and juicy, the dish may turn out tasteless because of the old dry cobs.Choose young, small ears light in color.Bright yellow and orange clearly overripe and will be very tough.Ensure juiciness too easy - one grain break off and crush his fingers.If it is soft and can be easily - young and fresh corn.If grain is dried and cured - an ear cut off for a long time or simply does overripe.Of course, they can also be quite a cook, but if you have a choice, it is better to take the younger ears.

As a young cook corn?

Before you start cooking, clean the ears of the leaves and wash them under running water.Do not throw away the tops - it should be put on the bottom of the pot for cooking the corn.Thus ears will not burn in contact with the bottom.In addition, the use of foliage before cook corn soft and juicy, also provides a special taste, playing the role of seasoning.Pour water on the cob should be such that they are completely covered.Be sure to use a cooking pot with a lid that can be removed only after the water boils.Do not immediately pour salt.

How long should I cook?

right to make a choice before you cook corn soft and juicy, you have learned, and with a saucepan on the stove already cobs.How long to wait for a delicious meal?Start the countdown from the beginning of the boil.Young ears will be ready within a quarter of an hour.To seeds do not burst during cooking, add salt to a boiling water already.Per liter of water will be sufficiently teaspoon.Note that during cooking overripe corn salt water is not recommended.It will be too hard.How to cook corn, soft and juicy, if it is old and dryish?Boil for at least fifty minutes, in some cases up to one and a half hours.Make sure that the ears are ready, you can fork.Separate multiple grains and try the taste.If they are soft, the fire can be turned off.To improve the taste of overripe their ears is recommended to hold a couple of hours off the plate in broth.Young can be eaten immediately while still hot.As a rule, special additions are required.Just salt and coarse salt or pre-lightly grease with butter.You may want to try and olive oil, but you can do without any oil, especially if the ears are very soft and juicy by themselves, but with a creamy taste will be more tender and milky.