Abraham Lincoln - the sixteenth president of the United States

With every five-dollar bills looking at us Abraham Lincoln - the sixteenth President of the United States ruled the country from 1861 until his death in 1865.Every American schoolchild knows the biography of Lincoln and his Gettysburg Address is carefully studied and serves as the theme for the works.

Who was Abraham Lincoln?His biography begins in 1809.He was born in a poor farmer's hut, which is now protected as a national treasure.For the boy's father was awesome his very desire for knowledge of the books in the family had a Holy Bible, catechism and ABC.Abraham was the first of Lincoln, who has mastered the diploma.But his father, who could not read or write, yet was able to convey to his son two important traits: he taught him to respect people and love to work.

Get schooling Abraham Lincoln was not able to prevent the extreme tightness in the material means and frequent travel in search of a better life.In 1816, the family of the future president left his native Kentucky and moved to Indiana.My mother died, my father married again.

In Indiana Abraham Lincoln worked as a ferryman, drove for $ 6 a month of people across the Ohio River.Then there was the trip to Illinois and Mississippi to instill hatred of slavery.

Lincoln's political career began when he enlisted in the militia fighting against the Indians, harassing the inhabitants of the City of New Salem.He was elected to the state legislature.There things were hard, there were also fights.To separate once again the conflicting parties, Abraham Lincoln gave a speech, the idea of ​​which was a call for the parliamentary culture.It was very successful, but put an end to his career in this august assembly.Interrupting something like lending money, he always gave the debt for what it called an "honest Abe."

In 1835 he again went to the Legislative Assembly of Illinois, trained as a lawyer and his eloquence gained credibility.Speaking against the slave trade and the war with Mexico, Abraham Lincoln had made many political enemies.

1856 was the year for Lincoln nomination for vice-president.It is not crowned with success, but the policy has grown in popularity.Saying it in Springfield (1858), which was an expression of "the house, the split inside, will not stand," he actually spoke against the division of the country on the slaveholding South and the industrial North.In 1860 he was elected as the new President of the United States - Abraham Lincoln.Nationality it caused some controversy, but it should be noted that a Jew, despite the name, it was not.

In March next year, is not yet speaking near the unfinished Capitol building in Washington, Lincoln, already elected president again urged southerners to reconciliation, but his speech, though brilliant, was not received.April 12 was subjected to shelling Fort Sumter and the Civil War - the bloodiest conflict in American history.Four years of fighting led to the defeat of the Confederate army and the victory of northerners.Throughout the war, Lincoln led the country, showing multi-talented and exceptional endurance and stamina.In 1864 he was elected president again.

took only five days after the announcement of victory in the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was shot by Booth - a supporter of the Confederacy, who shouted that avenged the South.Soon he himself was killed by soldiers guard.

Abraham Lincoln was an advocate of equal rights for all people and a great humanist.Today, he remains the most revered US President.