Maternity hospital №16 (Moscow): doctors, family labor, reviews, address and photo

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Maternity Hospital 16 is a part of the Moscow Health Department, is under the direction of City Clinical Hospital №81.Among the mansions and gardens, in a beautiful scenic area, located the abode of goodness and light, where the daily and hourly, is born a new life.Here, take birth in women with Muscovites and residents of other cities of Russia.Births kids in the walls of this hospital is about 4,000 per year.

16 hospital: address and contact information

medical facility is located in Moscow on the street.Vereshchagin, Building 5 (Building 2) zip code 125080. Find the hospital is a snap: just get to the metro station "Falcon" from the street Halabyan, turn to the left with respect to the glass door of the subway and walk about 300 meters along Leningradsky Prospekt in the direction of the field.Now go through the district council "Falcon", the bend in the artists' colony, stopped in the street Vereshchagin, and about 30 meters straight - 16 hospital is here.

Any citizen can apply for clarification and consultation on hospital contact numbers: Referral Service (499) 198-17-72, open from 10 am to 18 pm, or working around the clock emergency department (499) 198-17-42.Deputy Chief Physician receives citizens on Mondays from 16-00 to 19-00.

Information on paid medical services provided under the program of voluntary health insurance, provided the following number: (499) 198-15-95.Contact antenatal clinic-based hospital: (495) 614-84-59 with the work schedule from Monday to Friday: from 8-00 to 20-00, on Saturday - from 9-00 to 15-00.A lot of additional useful information offers 16 hospital, the official website is located at:

Organization and basic services

more than 70 years of practical experience allows management to be proud of their achievements.Rodd 16 combines the activity of traditional midwifery techniques and modern perinatal technologies.The latest diagnostic equipment and medical equipment that are equipped with the institution as well as the high professionalism of medical staff provide the highest performance.Child and maternal mortality in this hospital is at the lowest level, while the successful outcome of complicated births were high.On the basis of the hospital may provide outpatient medical care in accordance with the program "Antenatal care for pregnant women", according to the contract of voluntary health insurance.In this case, the pregnancy itself are those doctors who may in the future take delivery.For a fee it is also possible individual labor management under the special program "Psychological support".

Family clans

modern approach to partnership maternity strongly promoted and encouraged.Hospital specialists say that the birth of a child - is the most important event for both the mother and for the Pope, and therefore is easier when the husband and wife live together during this period.16 hospital births family encourages couples to spend after special training courses.Free school of preparation for childbirth allows future moms and dads to learn a lot about the upcoming event, to meet with the staff of the hospital, relax and tune in to a positive.Advisory Diagnostic office, working in the walls of the hospital, giving the possibility of ultrasound, Doppler, CTG at all stages of pregnancy.

collective leadership of the Association is entrusted to the head physician Vyshelesski Oleg Valentinovich, an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences.The staff of the hospital consists of highly qualified specialists: obstetricians, gynecologists, neonatologists, anesthesiologists highest and first categories.Among the staff there are doctors and candidates of medical sciences, assistant professor and professor of obstetrics and gynecology IPK FMBA of Russia, which is a clinical base since 2009 and is a hospital 16. Here are regularly training and an invaluable medical practitioners from all regions of the Russian Federation.Head of Department Professor Levakov, MD.In 2010, the hospital became the winner of the nationwide competition called "The Best Russian hospital" and received the certificate of "reliable reputation."

16 hospital - doctors

deputy chief doctor of the medical unit is an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category Elena Fedotova, combining the position as head of the department of pathology of pregnancy.Many women with certain health problems tend to get it at birth to this doctor.Reviews Fedotova EV filled with words of gratitude to the doctor for attentive, understanding and a high level of professional skill.Many patients notice a remarkable result with delivery program "Childbirth with psychological support," according to which the majority of doctors working hospital №16.The best experts in their review, mothers called experts following institutions:

  • Smirnova Zhanna Damirovna - Head of the maternity ward, PhD;

  • Filippova Elena - Head of postnatal department, doctor of the highest category;

  • Plahotskaya Elena - an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category;

  • Yushin Oksana Y. - doctor qualification category 2, directs the school of preparation for childbirth;

  • Kuznetsova Lyudmila Alexandrovna - doctor of 1 category, an obstetrician-gynecologist;

  • Semenova Marina V. - Head of the maternity unit, an obstetrician-gynecologist of the first category.

Why choose Moscow №16

Most working doctors of the hospital own technique of ultrasound diagnosis in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as participate in the program "Natural childbirth."Among the staff there are doctors who are fluent in foreign languages, which enables them to communicate with foreign women, Pregnant Women.For example, E. Yu Plahotskaya fluent in French, Arabic and English.Women who do not know the Russian language, gain more confidence and calm in the happy end when they get it to the hospital 16. Moscow - a city that is home to a huge number of foreigners, including pregnant women, so this advantage, which is characterized by health facilityIt explains its high popularity.

terms of travel and photo

Reviews patients often contain information about all the sterile clean rooms, high professional level of doctors and emphasis exclusively breastfed infants.The child stays with his mother constantly, since its birth, when it spread to her stomach, and the first of breastfeeding after discharge directly to the home.Offer see hospital 16 - photo hospitals allow to draw conclusions about the veracity of these descriptions.

Many mothers say that the quality of service at admission on a common basis, free of charge, does not differ from the host contract form.The possibility of contractual delivery involves fixing certain brigade headed by specific obstetrician-gynecologist of the patient, providing toll chamber with a high level of comfort and a visit to relatives after the birth.The cost of the contract, involving a range of additional services is about 60-66 thousand.Free Chamber do not imply the presence of bathrooms - in this case women visit the toilet and shower in the hallway on the floor.

16 hospital: reviews

Patients like the organization of admission of pregnant women to the hospital when they are fully operational clinical and laboratory examination.Many have noted the advantages of a modern approach to the diagnosis and treatment of complications of pregnancy.

Directly birth process involves the free behavior of women, the possibility of delivery and the presence of vertical partner.Women speak positively about the ease of use of the condition in the hospital physiological methods of anesthesia (shower, bath) and the presence of her husband's side.

Where indicated uses a special drug stimulation and caesarean section.Own desire of women to give birth by the COP or spontaneously with a uterine scar is not an indication for it.

women giving birth in the hospital, among the advantages of the medical establishment is called the use of modern bioresorbable sutures and safe antibiotics, which largely provide a speedy recovery and well being of patients.


pregnant have the right to choose the method of pain relief during labor, and the doctor - to use in actual need an epidural.In practice, the mothers say doctors fairly active use of this type of anesthesia in the case of natural childbirth and operations.Midwives hospital recommend the use of epidural anesthesia is not so much to relieve pain, as in the cases of delayed opening of the cervix.In the case of contract delivery order of application of medical pain relief negotiated in advance and prescribed in the document.

Safety of life babies

The hospital has a pediatric intensive care unit, thereby increasing the chances of a favorable resolution of critical situations and health problems of newborn.Experienced neonatologists are always present at birth, is carried out all the necessary manipulations with the baby immediately after birth.Anesthesiologists monitor the well-being mother and baby being available all the necessary equipment and medicines in the event of a critical state.