What girl does not dream of fluffy and long eyelashes that only a glance to captivate men?The answer is simple - only a few refuse such a pleasure.Unfortunately, nature does not always give us what we hotim.Chtoby achieve expressive and attractive look, we have to stand for hours in the mirror, experimenting with various types of mascara and a variety of options for applying eyeliner and pencil.Modern cosmetology offers a solution to this problem - lashes.How they hold and what are the characteristics of their use?The answer to these and many other questions we will give in this article.

What lashes

For starters see what they look like.Lashes - it is artificial or natural fibers (sable, mink, fox, silk) that are attached to your eyelashes with a special adhesive made of the resin.There are several ways of attachment: beams (a few pieces to one cilium) and one by one.Learn in advance about the room where you are going to make lashes.What kept them - depends not only on the state of your eyelashes,

but also, above all, the professionalism of the master.

Benefits lashes:

  • If the cause will take a good specialist, using the procedure, you can adjust the shape of the eye - to give them almond-shaped, cilia in the corners by adding or changing their length.
  • Serve as much correct lashes as hold and live your natural, and it is an average of 20 days.After this correction is required.
  • lashes appearance is no different from your own, making a natural way.
  • These cilia do not require the application of mascara, so you can save a lot of time to make up for the eyes.

Terms care

girls who want to go through such a procedure, are primarily interested in how much stick lashes.If you follow the simple rules for the care and precautions, this period will be big enough.

  • not Tint cilia India ink, and without it, they look great.Mascara will have to wash and makeup remover can damage the adhesive, then they will start to fall off faster.
  • have to sleep on your side or back.Lover sleeping face in the pillow, waking can see there the cilia.
  • sauna, swimming pool and hot sauna you are also contraindicated.High humidity, especially in combination with the heat, soften the glue.
  • If you wear lenses, the life of your cilia greatly reduced.This will occur from constant mechanical effect on them.
  • Wash careful not to rub your eyes - it also contributes to the loss of eyelashes.
  • Never apply fat cream and cosmetic oils for ever.Grease well dissolves the glue in the mirror instead of the beauty with a fascinating look you will see the bewildered girl with plucked her eyelashes.

thing to remember, making lashes?How they hold, it depends to a large extent on you and your relationship!The better you observe these rules, the longer it will amaze everyone with his eyes.


have eyelash extensions, like any cosmetic procedure, there are both advantages and disadvantages, and contraindications.

  • it is impossible to do if you have eye diseases such as conjunctivitis.
  • your cilia under the weight of the artificial port and will soon fall out.Keep this in mind and take breaks between procedures.
  • If you are prone to allergies, a substance belonging to the cilia or synthetic glue, can cause itching and redness.To avoid such trouble, ask the master Eyelash glue droplet, which it will use, and apply to the sensitive area of ​​skin.During the day watch the result.If the allergy is not manifest itself, the cilia can be increased.

lashes: photos before and after ...

Having decided on this procedure, weigh the pros and cons.Let your choice will bring you only joy!