Non-current assets - is something that generates income for a long time

Non-current assets of the company - a set of fundamental values ​​of property companies that participate repeatedly in the production activities of the company to bring a positive financial result (profit).

Non-current assets: composition

enterprise may be composed of the following types of non-current assets: designed for installation equipment, intangible assets, fixed assets, unfinished capital assets, long-term investment finance and others.

variety of elements and forms of non-current assetsfor the purpose of purposeful management requires their preliminary classification that allows to fix the system under study, its structure, make working with non-current assets more transparent and manageable.

In modern accounting practice and management of functional distinguish the following types of non-current assets.This intangible assets, fixed assets and other species.The first set of tangible assets represent the organization in the form of instruments of labor involved in the production process several times and transferring parts of its value to the manufactured goods.

Intangible assets have no real form.They allow the main economic activities of the company.

Intangible assets include investments and unfinished, which characterize the entire volume of the actual costs incurred for the installation and construction of certain facilities related to the future of fixed assets.Construction in progress is valid from the beginning of this process and to the end, then the object is considered to be fixed assets.

Non-current assets - is designed for installation and equipment.These include the equipment that is intended for installation and facilities with the help of the assembly or installation.It is attached to a support or foundation.This group also includes the control and measuring equipment and other apparatus, which is mounted in equipment.

The long-term financial investments include all financial instruments acquired by the organization regardless of the size of value, investment period of which lasts more than one year.

By the nature of certain services activities of the company determine the following non-current assets.This means maintenance operations.They are primarily characterized by long-term assets of the company, such as intangible assets and fixed assets that are used directly in the process of commercial and industrial activity.

This group is referred non-current assets, which are intended to serve the investment and is characterized by long-term assets generated by the implementation of investment, non-productive fixed assets, which are the objects of social and domestic purposes, designed to meet the social needs of staff (kindergartens, health centers, sports facilities, canteens, etc.)

By the nature of ownership of non-current assets are classified as follows.It is the company's own long-term funds, which belong to the company on the rights of ownership and property.They are recognized in the balance sheet.This group also includes leased assets, which are applied for the use of the company in accordance with the leasing contract (lease) concluded with their owners.

Unlike working capital, non-current assets are less liquidity, bringing them more difficult to implement and get money for them.