How to lay a brick?

debate between skeptics and optimists about who should and how to lay bricks, being a long time.First choose the expensive services of professionals.Second, gathering patience and experience, do everything yourself.

Just about the complex

Before working tool should be prepared.Require: trowel or trowel, cord, tape measure, a small hammer, a level of true, generally, and of the material for masonry.Stacking blocks is made for solution of sand, cement and water in certain proportions are connected.If a large amount of work will be carried out by several workers, it is best to get a concrete mixer for mixing solution.If you work in one hand, a lot of the cooking solution in advance is not necessary.The width of the brick walls are always a multiple of half of its length.The thickness of the wall in a brick - 25 cm brick masonry and a half is 38 cm, etc.The most important work - the right to lay the first row.It spread on a tight lacing and verify or rule level.Secure the lacing of nails attached to its ends, to a solution between the rows of blocks in the derived angles.Select the type of masonry, first output angles of a few rows up.To check the evenness of their use plumb, level.It is important to perform ligation joints.This will increase the strength of the wall due to uniform distribution of load across the surface of the wall.It produced higher number of offset with respect to the bottom so that the joints in the lower center of the upper row of bricks overlap.

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Types of masonry

masonry walls or dressings made stretcher and bonder series.The stretcher blocks stacked rows parallel to the wall, in the binder - across.It looks like this: several longitudinal rows (stretcher), after a one - bonder.It looks like multi-row ligation, involves a simple single-row alternating rows.Three-row system allows matching at the seams in three rows up, the fourth row should always cut off a seam.The dressing is required on the first and last rows, as well as the locations of the windows.Before laying a brick, you must correctly place it along the rising surface.To spend less time on the movement of the bricks are arranged on his wall or along the wall.When overlaying a brick wall it is placed a little further the work area, it will not create problems during installation for the next series.If you have no experience and do not know how to lay bricks correctly, you can work out.Put a couple of rows without a solution in compliance with all regulations.

There are several methods, like putting bricks:

1. Solid masonry - performed stretcher and bonder series.They differ system dressings.The highest strength is achieved by ligation in a row.

2. Lightweight - consists of two parallel half-brick in the wall thickness.The voids between them filled with insulation or concrete.With the reinforcement of the walls or diaphragms during installation to communicate.

3. Reinforced - is transverse or longitudinal, improves the quality of the walls bearing heavy loads on them.Use a rectangular grid or zigzag in every fifth row of masonry.Seams in this process is wider four cm compared to conventional masonry.

Last - decorative - the combination of vertical joints with a street party, held inside multilayered bandaging.The second method is the use of materials of different colors.