As the house is located in the area: basic rules

Each prospective homeowner who wants to start building your own home, just need to know a few simple rules of building.It all starts with the choice of land.The question of how to arrange a house in the area, will largely depend on the location of the last one.

The first option may be garden association.We should immediately mention that portions of less than 6 acres to build a house for permanent residence just does not fit.This is especially true when it comes to a wooden version.

second type of land may be in rural or cottage.By choosing this option, the owner purchases the need to respect not only the right location of the house on the site, but also take into account the peculiarities of the construction of premises neighbors.However, there are advantages of such construction - ready communications networks.

most free for the realization of desires becomes an option "in the open field," with a large area of ​​the property, while the majority of questions about how to place your home on the site itself disappears.

Traditionally, Russia built the building so that the windows facing the road or the church.Another unwritten rule for areas with a slope was the choice of the place on the hill.Other requirements conservatives did not install.Therefore, the modern homeowner is quite a lot of freedom of choice.

Mandatory rules of building

  • Compliance red line

street is to be made.The distance from it to the future home of fire regulations must be at least 5 m. This situation makes it more economical liner all communications that are needed for a comfortable stay, as it is calculated from the distance.The proximity to this line for many people can reduce the cost and expenses of arrangement parking zone near the house.Therefore, solving the problem of how to arrange a house on the site in relation to the red line, it is worth considering the required area under the existing cars.

  • distance from neighboring houses and other buildings

fire regulations establish the following building rules:

  1. brick house - 6 meters.
  2. Wooden houses - 15 meters.

The area may be a few buildings.For their adequate relative position also has its own laws.These rules must be observed in the preparation of the project.The question of how to arrange the house on the site in relation to other buildings, is solved as follows:

  • housing for small livestock and poultry - not less than 4 meters from the house;
  • cellars and compost pits - not less than 7 meters;
  • outdoor toilets and showers - no less than 12 meters;
  • bath, shed, garage - at least 7 meters.

These limits are not only fire, but also the sanitary rules.

Focus on the compass

important factor in resolving the issue of how to place the house on the site, is the choice of the world.So, for the construction of a large country house or cottage is worth considering that almost all the outbuildings hidden behind the house itself.Despite their size, they will still cast a shadow on the housing.Therefore it is better positioned on the sunny side of the house, which includes windows to optimize natural lighting.Having thought this point, you can deploy a house project in relation to the entry and the red line.