How to make a metal detector with your hands?

Metal is usually associated with treasure hunters who carefully analyze every piece of soil.They drop by a magnetic field, which creates a device deep into the earth.In addition to the search of treasures, such a device can be used as an assistant with the loss of car keys on a picnic or any other metal object.How to make a metal detector with good sensitivity, which responds even to the very small metal parts?In any case, such a device can be useful to you in the trip, and perhaps actually help to find treasure.

about how to make a metal detector, it is written a lot of articles.Let's look at the most reliable and time-tested scheme, which starts immediately after pretvorniya in life.For any of the metal detector, you must create a magnetic field, which will test a small area.The radius of this area depends on the sensitivity of the device and the magnetic field strength.Since we collect simple device, the radius will be small.

The source of the magnetic field, we can use the calculator works or any other appliance.For sure you pay attention to the specific noise in radio broadcasts, for example, when the mobile phone?That's right, the receiver in our scheme is an ordinary radio receiver tuned to the frequency of the working calculator.

Customize it simply, set next to the included calculator, and radio.Now, switch it to the AM band and find a wave, which will hear characteristic crackling.Turn off and turn on the calculator to make sure that you have found the interference that makes working calculator.Setup is finished, now you know how to make a metal detector.You can start the practical verification tool.

Hold the metal object to the device.As soon as he gets into the magnetic field produced by working calculator, change the sound in the receiver.Approaching and removing the metal, you can determine the range of such a device.Usually it is not more than thirty centimeters.It is quite enough to find a lost object.

Perhaps, over time, you will want to learn how to make the detector more sensitive.To implement this idea, you will need a set of electronic components and skills in the manufacture of the radio.Homemade chips on metal works on the above principle, only the magnetic field generated by the transmitter is much more powerful.This directly affects the range of the instrument.

As you can see, metal with their hands to collect quite real, most importantly, to know the principle on which it works.Increasing the power transmitter and receiver configuration to its frequency - these are the main tasks facing the manufacture of high power devices and better sensitivity.It should also be borne in mind that the increasing complexity of the detector circuit may need special tools to configure it.