How to make homemade compressor for aquarium

If you decide to decorate his apartment and make aquarium fish is not well designed aeration can not do.The water in the aquarium should be running, because fish breathe oxygen, which is in their habitat.If the water is not the time to update, it will affect the state of health of marine life, they gradually begin to fall asleep or get enough air from the surface.In this case, you will home-made compressor, which is quite easy to build at home.To produce such a device must be purchased kits, which are designed for this purpose, or adapted for its manufacture availability details.

The resulting device can be purchased much more effective instruments to be easily repaired if necessary, and, of course, will be much cheaper.Homemade compressor includes low resourceful motor flywheel with an eccentric which converts the rotary motion into linear shaft, pump, which pumps air into the tank, and a rubber tube with a spray air.Of course, also need the body itself, where all the details are attached.

Start the assembly with the installation of the motor.It is necessary to firmly fasten it to the bottom of the hull and to achieve total absence of vibration.Homemade compressor must get quiet, monotonous sound working mechanism is clearly not conducive to relaxation near the aquarium with fish.Mount handwheel and connect it to the pump.The device can be checked by briefly turning the motor.Pay attention to the smooth running of the flywheel and the pump.If a self-made compressor is working properly, you can complete the installation by installing the protective cover and attach the rubber tubes to drain air from the device.

Leave homemade compressor in a few hours, of course, under supervision.If there is no extraneous noise or smell suspicious, we can assume that the device has been tested.It is recommended to ground all metallic static part.Then homemade compressor will be completely safe.

Such a mechanism can operate smoothly for a long time.It is much more reliable devices purchased at the expense of greater power of the engine has a good resource for both strength and serviceability.Homemade compressor ensure your aquarium fish need air supply and postpone the need for premature replacement of water.

For all devices sufficient engine power of 50 W to not more than 900 revolutions / min.Homemade compressor for aquarium quite economical, and an increase in engine power is inappropriate.In increasing the motor speed is also not necessary, since in this case the pump and increase wear on all moving parts of the device.It is necessary to choose the turns of the motor shaft so that the aquarium a sufficient amount of air received, and noise and vibration occurred.